5 women sue Monster Energy over abusive and discriminatory culture


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Totes my own opinion, but I find Monster and its ilk to be cocaine in a can: imbibers of both turn into complete assholes immediately upon ingesting.


Monster tastes like it came out of a bunch of assholes.


I’m sure I speak for everyone here in expressing shock that this would be the corporate culture of Monster Energy Drinks.


I dunno. Some days, especially in the summer, I feel like cold caffeine in the morning. I do prefer the taste of Red Bull, though, since it has a mix of bitter and sweet flavors.

Of course, some people do already think I am a complete asshole (including here!). Maybe less so after coffee in the morning.


It’s not really surprising considering some of their “marketing”.

While it does seem they have been trying to shift gears in recent times, what spectacular horrors at Unilever (the purveyors of Axe) might eventually come to light?


Impossible! I’ll bet they had that hour of diversity training, and the President’s door is always open, (except when it’s “memo time”, tee hee!)


Same Shit, Different Corporation.


Might as well be called “BROJUICE!”




In all fairness, this is still an allegation.

But, dude. Anyone working for Monster voluntarily? I’d expect more restraint from a coked-out Newt Gingrich at a strip bar the night his latest divorce went through.

Just because everyone expects you to be a shit doesn’t mean it’s a good option.


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Here’s hoping the settlement bankrupts Monster Energy. Everybody wins!

That’s really unfair to cocaine.


Monster Rehab was the only energy drink I liked. I guess I’ll have to find something else in an airport. Though now that I think about it Crystal Light Energy would get through the TSA…


Yeah, it’s not easy finding an extra-caffinated tea, and that one wasn’t horrible (not amazing, but not horrible).


The frustrating part of this story is that there are no workplace protections for victims. Fighting back in some organizations is equal to quitting, and that’s not right.




I like Java Monster. Tastes better than the Starbucks equivalent coffee+energy, usually is a bit cheaper, and doesn’t have that “I must crap 10 minutes after I drink it feeling”*.

  • Its “I must crap 20 minutes after” for that stuff.

But if they are treating women badly, that’s not good. Sue away!