Lawsuit: Texas's largest jail is full of people who are locked up for being poor


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How many posts before someone blames innocent people for their incarceration, I wonder?



Ah, this is where the personalized licence plates are made, I get it now. Texas you have gone too far, again.


I don’t have to worry, I’m an honest law abiding citizen and never do anything BWAHAHAHA I can’t keep a straight face!!!. I wonder how many felonies I committed on the drive home?


Can anyone explain the rationale behind bail? Any amount seems crazy: if the accused is innocent, they shouldn’t have to pay at all; and we presume innocence until a trial verdict (or say we do).

In the case of a flight risk, too, bail seems crazy, for the opposite reason. Surely someone adjudged a flight risk shouldn’t be able to pay any amount to get out of jail before trial?


What do you expect? With the War on Drugs rolling to an end, America’s prison-industrial complex needs something to fall back on.


Sad, but accurate.


Bail is presumably refunded when they show up for trial. So, if you’re innocent, you don’t, in theory, have to pay for bail.

Of course, whether it works this way in practice…


Thanks, that makes more sense.


Minus the bail bondsman fee of course.


Who the fuck signed off on this?

That fucker needs to take a ride in the electric chair. After a speedy trial of course.

The constitution enshrines both the right to due process, which this system definitely isn’t, and also explicitly protects people from unreasonable bail, so that’s violated too.

So this county’s administration needs to be prosecuted for criminal deprivation of constitutional rights. No ifs ands or buts. Because these rights are too important to settle on civil basis. They broke the law enacting this bail program. The law needs to deal with them as the criminals they are.


If you come back and stand trial, you get your money back.


Most people use a bail bondsman and pay a 10% fee. Even if found not guilty, a 5000 bond will cost 500.


Contrary to popular belief, Freedom™ isn’t free.


I see bail bonding services advertised all over town, mostly on bus shelters, in some cases covering entire city buses.

Business must be good.


Only six states have outlawed the bail bondsman industry: Illinois, Kentucky, Oregon, Wisconsin, Nebraska, and Maine.


Don´t worry America, I took us in Germany until 1868 ('_prison#Germany) to get rid of debtors prisons, so we had it a few years longer than you had slavery, you will get rid of that barbaric practice too, eventually, one day.


Original Bad News Bears jerseys were sponsored by Chico’s bail bonds


They still require bail though. And the county usually keeps 10% as a 'bail fee"