Lawsuit: woman "propped up" to appear alive after she died during routine surgery

Franklin comes to G’kar’s quarters, and he says: "Maybe he’s feeling better! All I need is 5 seconds… maybe they can just prop him up for me
And here i thought that sci-fi only predicted future technology.

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It’s great to have the options to choose your doctors, people are limited by health care cost, insurance, time, location. Sometimes they have a decent primary who directly refers them somewhere.

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I suspect that Adena Health System is going to become much more familiar with colonoscopies than they have been in the past. Hopefully the insurance companies, the state medical board, and the police go in and take a look at every single record the company has to figure out how many crimes to charge the doctors, “doctors”, and management of this company with and how much to sue them for due to providing half-assed (at best) medical care.


Probably a good thing too, but this here was a

which you can totally learn all about by watching a couple of videos on YouTube.

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Jarrod Betz, soon to be known as “Hedgeyer” Betz. /s

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Getting some gordon ramsey vibe…

FOR NON-ENGLISH-SPEAKERS: he didn’t mean literal colonoscopies, it was a joke about how getting subpoenas from angry lawyers might feel like having a camera stuck up one’s butt


Didn’t I see him in “Eeegah!”? No, wait, Arch Hall Jr. was at least marginally competent as an actor,

He looks like the MD version of Matt Gaetz now that you mention it…


Seconded. I wouldn’t let that guy change my oil. :neutral_face:

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