LAX to build terminal exclusively for celebrities and generic, boring rich people

Shhhh…it’s really a rich people internment facility, you know, where they’re tortured with massages and Pinot Meunier-boarded to extract critical Amex Black intel.


Actually, they are using the millionaires that can’t afford private jets like real rich people, to make foie gras for the billionaires. Kind of a posh soylent green. :wink:


Admittedly, not what I thought they meant when the receipt said posh spice.

ETA: yes, I’m going to heck for that one.


A lot of the people who will use it won’t be paying it at all, not personally. The cost will be borne by their corporations (for the CEO-types) or production companies (for the famous). Those corporations will re-coup the money somehow (layoffs, pension fund fraud, etc.) but it certainly won’t affect executive compensation, that’s for sure.


From the article:

Airport officials said the new terminal is aimed at attracting more celebrities and business executives to LAX

Amtrack and Greyhound must have significantly upped their game.


What’s with them negative waves, Moriarty? These’s already an upside for the proles. From the press release:

I dunno about you, but I hate being collateral damage from media scrums. At least, I think I would. Assuming it ever happens.

Thanks for thinking of us Debbie!


That sounds depressingly plausible, yes.

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Personal duty free shoppers? When you can send someone to buy an allegedly cheaper bottle of whisky and an oversized Toblerone for you, that’s when you know you have truly made it.


1800 to a regular family with combined income of 100k is about 2% of annual wages.

1800 to a single digit millionaire is 0.2% of annual wages, equivalent of about a couple hundred bucks for you and me.

1800 to someone who makes ten million a year is equivalent of about 20 bucks.

1800 to someone worth a hundred million is about two bucks.

1800 to a billionaire is like finding a dime, a nickel and three pennies on the street.

To the richest billionaires, two thousand bucks is less than when you’re reaching into your pocket and a couple dollars fall on the floor. It’s more like the equivalent of pennies falling out.


Really? Come on, man, she’s a kid. Don’t be an asshole.


Yeah that was a cheap shot. If she’s 38 and still having public meltdowns, that’s fair game. But she’s a kid and all kids have meltdowns.


IF (big IF) the money gouged from these narcissists results in an overall net gain to the majority, it would be a plus.

But, I think even if these people are charged $2000 a piece, I suspect that with this, as with all other things that cater to the rich, it will be a net drain: that is, the majority are again subsidizing the 1%.

I thought that her dad was the one that threw tantrums… Especially when she racks up big in-app purchase bills.


I have had to wait a while in LAX a few times and a celebrity went through and had to deal with the paparazzi, after seeing what they and their families have to deal with, I would think this is a bargain.

No idea who the celebrity was, after 20 years of flying averaging 5 planes a week I? only recognized 3 of them (Bernadette Peters, Gary Busey, and Chibb from Sons of Anarchy). Unless they are really distinctive I am celebrity blind.

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It will cost $1,500-$1,800 per trip to use the new terminal

(I had the same question)

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I don’t follow celebrity culture, so I’m really only vaguely aware of who he is (singer, right, married to a Kardashian?) but I kind of side with him on this one.


I personally have less issue with actual celebrities than the anonymous 1%ers who remain faceless as execs of major corporations and yet have no problems with predatory photographers trying to invade every moment of their lives.

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Hello aluchko,

I agree with you. However, I reckon it’s not hard to use a small camera disguised as something else. Plus everyone has phones that usually give do not a lot of indication of being in camera mode. I’m not sure that an electronic device ban would not help sell the $1800.00 premium.

Recall the camera doesn’t need to be digital for taking stills. That, and both digital & film stealth cameras (still & motion) can be pretty ingenious.



To quote Chaos Guy from some '90s Dinosaur Planet movie -

‘Paparazzi will find a way.’

Uh, wow. You know that was a hypothetical, right? And that the asshole is the one with the camera…or the one who gave her that ridiculous name?

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Next step: CEOs will upgrade from lighting their cigars with $100 bills to lighting their cigars (and setting poor people on fire) with $1,000 bills, paid for by selling orphans for slave labor to the mining companies.