LAX to build terminal exclusively for celebrities and generic, boring rich people

1800 to a regular family with combined income of 100k is about 2% of annual wages.

1800 to a single digit millionaire is 0.2% of annual wages, equivalent of about a couple hundred bucks for you and me.

1800 to someone who makes ten million a year is equivalent of about 20 bucks.

A millionaire is just someone who has a million dollars/pounds/whatevers. We probably need a specific word for someone actually getting paid that much in a year.

It’s obvious a billionaire doesn’t get paid a billion dollars a year.

I’ll see your pedantry and raise you a yeah, no.

I’ll see your passive and raise you an aggressive (?)


My object is that he was picking on the kids name and gender, and the fact that she’s a famous kid, so she must “have a melt down” because she’s probably spoiled.

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I’ll see your ad hominem and raise you an emotional abuse.

This is the weirdest forum game I’ve ever played

I just assumed I was talking to Stevie Wonder. Please humor me and make my dream come true.

Good grief. I (and I am a “she”) was not picking on the child’s gender; I did not know the child’s gender. I was not picking on the child for having a meltdown, because even though I am a bitter, barren old cat lady, I DO understand that children have meltdowns. However, it seems like exactly the kind of thing a junk photographer would gleefully and mercilessly target. My original post was tongue-in-cheek, and you’re reading way too much into this.

I will admit to picking on the child’s name, but that was a dig at her parents. And that is likely the most I will ever write about a Kardashian spawn ever again. I recommend that we now both go our separate ways and pursue the contemplation of something more elevating than the airport travails of celebrity trash and their hapless offspring.

Fair enough. I just see no reason to pick on children, famous parents or no.

Will the Church of Scientology be renting space for a private lounge?

Well, if there’s one thing Gary Busey is, its noticeable alright.

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The few times I have glommed onto a boss and gotten into the Business Lounge, I have found it crashingly boring. I’d rather be roaming the Duty Free shops, looking at cameras I have no intention of buying.

… Eh, if I was rich and continually hassled in public, I’d pay for this service too. I got not problems with it.

I can’t say I’ve ever seen anyone famous in an airport.

A friend of mine was in an airport lounge with Joe Lieberman ~2008, took his laptop and typed Traitor in 172 pt. font and faced the screen towards Joe.

But that’s the kevin-bacon-closest I’ve come.


Lets see a seat is 2 slips of latinum.
Want to stand that’ll be 1.


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