Leak reveals that hundreds of bounty hunters have had access to super-fine-grained mobile location data for years


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2019/02/06/a-gps-markets.html


Nothing says ethical business model like forcing your customers to deny you exist. /s




Well yeah you are, if they find you…

“Just a mild one,” as the cops say.


I just assumed they were using the Mullet Divining Rod.


Can’t buy that!


Bounty hunters buying confidential data from rogue companies. Sometimes I think we are living in a William Gibson’s book.


They also have access to the thousands (millions?) of license plates scanned daily by cops. Not just bounty hunters and bail bondsmen but routine debt collectors too.


Could be a while. Like never under the current regime.


i have to say that Cory’s war on camel caps/medial capitals made it harder for me to parse this word than the company’s own orthography, “CerCareOne”. At least he isn’t re-writing the orthography in the block quotes… :thinking:

Now, as to the location sharing going on, we really need to see people going to jail for this un-authorized stalking. So many violations we see never get prosecuted, or if they do, there is a fine that is a small portion of the profit. I’m not seeing any reason why scammers should fear to violate privacy laws if their is no real punishment to fear.




The FCC needs to act with urgency.

Such touching faith in the system.


There’s definitely some Sterling going on as well! But yes, you’re just now noticing this? :wink: The 2020s are going to be pretty silly, mark my words.


"He stopped, reading something she couldn’t see. “Yes. She’s descended from that, in a sense. Reality television. It merged with politics. Then with performance art.”

Gibson, William. The Peripheral (published October, 2014 – sound familiar?)


Include Scientology in the scum buying the information. It’s long been obvious that they had access to the cell phone location of ex-members and critics.


Probably “authorized” by one of the billion year [literally] contracts Scientology victims members have to sign… :-/


No, not really. The whole “authorization” is a scam in the first place. Scientology doesn’t have to pile scam on top of scam.


A person simply has to assume that if they have a phone on their person, they really are being monitored at all times, and any party that really wants to find you, probably can. I tried to warn people about this shit in the mid-90s, but I was a stoner college kid and everyone thought I was crazy. And here we are. I still smoke weed but at least now it’s legal in my state (medical) so Fuck You, The Man! heheh

And climate change. Who here is enjoying the cyberpunk future? I know I was looking forward to it for a while, I won’t lie. But I’m a bit weird like that.


So this means that scum could locate you (for a fee, of course), but emergency services could not? Sounds about right.


Gibson thinks we’re living in a John Brunner book.


Damn fine book. Read it at least twice and wish I had a copy now.


Optimist. We’re living in three John Brunner novels.