Leaked documents reveal Xbox's desire to buy Nintendo

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I don’t think this is strange at all from Spencer’s perspective, he has spend decades locked in the more power race with Sony, I don’t think he has the slightest idea why Nintendo has remained mostly successful. The entire idea of how Nintendo works is a foreign idea to Spencer. I’m sure to him Nintendo looks like a company that has a failing hardware team that is only being saved by the software side. From that perspective his comments make sense.

From the (much more realistic) perspective that Nintendo has chosen to make money of the middle of the market instead of chasing only the super dedicate top of the market, and that they have been successful doing so, then his comments come off as detached from reality.


It’s just an impossibility to buy Nintendo, doing so would 100% put them in the crosshairs in regards to anti-monopoly regulations. That and as the article i read says… Nintendo is sitting on a lot of money, Pokemon alone is a literal money printing machine so there’s nothing MS could offer them that would be better.


I have nothing to add, but I find the email address for the routing domain of ‘microsoft.onmicrosoft .com’ kinda hilarious. (It’s how Microsoft does Exchange Online hybrid email routing.)

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I can’t imagine that the Japanese government would stand by while the country’s last video game console maker was snapped up by America.

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Judging by the leak, it sounds like hostile takeover of other companies desired by MS is on the table. At least they’re aware that with Nintendo it’s not feasible

Is Sony not Japanese still?

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Legendary game designer/director Shigeru Miyamoto has long held that entertaining gameplay is more important than photorealistic graphics, and I think that’s at the core of the Xbox/Nintendo divide. Nintendo’s greatest hits and most enduring characters have always looked like trippy cartoons with little connection to the real world, whereas Xbox has mostly focused on making entertainment that looks like an action movie you can play.

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“Always” is right! Check out these trippy characters from the original playing cards that the Nintendo company first released in 1889:


woah. who knew they were into dual screen even back then? :wink:

I could totally see those two facing off in “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.”

Yes, but partly no. Even though Sony is still a japanese company, much of the video game part of the company has moved to the states. Over the years Sony had also shed a lot of their japanese game studios.

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