Prototype Nintendo PlayStation up for auction. Bidding's already sky high

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Maybe it is just me, but whenever someone says that a price or a salary or a bid has exceeded ‘5 figures’ or ‘7 figures’ or for something like a baseball card or beanie baby ‘high 3-figures’, I have to write down a bunch of 0s on a piece of paper to see what they were talking about. Can’t they just say ‘more than 10 thousand’ (or is it 1,000)?.


When I look at this I keep having to squint and shake my head; it’s like trying to make sense of a mirage or an “impossible shape” illusion.


Wha??? Nintendo owns 100% of their original characters which allows them to execute must-have sales, does exceedingly well in a crowded market that continually fails to serve core demographics and has a fervent and dedicated fan base that will never abandon them. People have predicted the imminent demise of Nintendo at every single product launch, yet they still hold one of the top spots.

Oh, and saying that PlayStation 1 sold X number of units that should have been Nintendo’s is the equivalent of the music industry saying that music piracy resulted in billions of dollars in forfeited income. Nothing indicates that that same level of success would have been achieved and they most certainly would not have retained the autonomy that makes them a top-tier software and hardware company (see also: Apple).


It’s an alt universe console. Weird seeing the Sony logo on what was the Super Nintendo controller, and the cartridge looks between N64 and SNES.

It’s the Super Famicon/PAL SNES cartridge shape.

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I think this worked out for Nintendo, too, since it meant they went with the N64—also a great system. (And while not a console I entertained when it was current, it’s since become one of my favorites.)

Just for reference, here’s the great Ben Heck series on this exact unit.