Leaked transcript: US soldier and security advisor aghast at Trump's reckless Syrian strike


Glad others thought this was propaganda too.


Fake news that will be used to prove that The Crooked Media is fake news?


What happened? Is it the Trump ignoring the Intel and going to try to hit the Syrians? And that we’re pissing on the Russians?



After Hersh’s bizarre and almost certainly false reporting regarding Bin Laden’s death, we really shouldn’t listen to anything this guy says.

Hersh is tainted goods.

After Hersh exposed the Mai Lai massacre during the Vietnam War and the U.S. military’s abuses of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib, we should listen to everything this guy says.

No, because with all journalism, it’s all about the veracity of the sources. In his past, with Mai Lai and Abu Ghraib, Hersh had reliable, verifiable sources. Yet recently, with his Bin Laden story fiasco, and now possibly with his Russian story, he falls in love with singular, partisan, unverifiable sources. Clearly, there’s been a precipitous decline in the quality of his reporting.


If you like Trump, this transcript is made-up, fake news, etc. If you hate Trump, this is completely believable. The truth is literally whatever you want it to be. Enjoy your echo chamber. Good times.


I don’t like Trump and and yet consider the transcript an obvious, poorly-written load of horse manure.


It’s been pretty thoroughly debunked. Y’all can do better- might be worth making a note about it on the article itself, so readers can see it without having to click through to our many comments on the matter.


Same here. It’s possible to know that the US military has killed civilians and makes huge blunders left and right, while also recognizing that sometimes bullshit is just that.



“AS: No one is talking about the entire reason we’re in Iraq and Syria in the first place.”

Which was what, exactly?

And he told the Russians before the strike? Yes, he did, because there was a hotline for that specific purpose: to allow the two major global superpowers both engaged in military action in the same theater to share plans in order to prevent fratricide.

Spare us all from the expertise of US “security advisors.” Bang up job they’ve been doing for 20 years now.


Can’t stand trump but this sounds fake as fuck. Badly written, stilted…sounds like it was written by a Russian


I think Trump is a walking constitutional crisis. I also think this is about as fake as it gets, and that Seymour Hersh is about half a step above Trump in the credibility department.

I suspect an awful lot of people in this thread are in the same boat.


Mister President, ours are not toy soldiers.



Pretty sure Hersh burned a ton of bridges after his Rat Line story about how Turkey was responsible for the Ghouta chemical attack.


That transcript does not sound like two people talking. It does sound like a bunch of bullet points being fleshed out.



Why was this posted with the title that gave it credence?. Point blank obvious to anyone who has an ounce of sense, that it was not US servicemen.

a. They are aware their own counter intelligence arm listens to, and records everything in operational theatres. Their own careers would be at stake, they have a very strict code to uphold.

b. No jargon?. When did two service people speak for ten minutes, ever, with only one acronym?.

c. One mentions the “superiority” of the Russian forces and the other does not react. It isn’t even remotely true.

d. Not one mention of anything “off topic”. No asides about other service people, no mention of any of the days news, or weather, or supply issues . . . just one long “oh noes, we done fukdup now, Bluey”.

One funny thought though, it does show the level of effort the Kremlin is making on the issue. When you consider that really fluent English isn’t a strong suit there, they did very well at making their actors sound convincing.
I wonder though if they expected this to get much play in the West where English is a major tongue, it seems more tailored for a Slav market, and gullible-because-they-want-to-believe ex East German journalists.


Very stilted. Also rather suspicious that there’s a recording/transcript of the conversation between two random military guys, no? That the conversation supports the Syrian government position (that it was a weapon’s cache), despite the fact that the evidence on the ground seemed to all point to chemical attack is also rather suspicious. Gods, everything is disinformation and noise to drown out whatever the truth is.


It’s almost as if Russia is “flooding the channel with a mix of lies and truth, crowding out other stories.” What can we do about this and other contemporary forms of propaganda?


Look who posted this, that’s why.