Leaks reveal the health care industry's playbook for smearing and spinning Medicare for All out of existence by 2020


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Partnership for America’s Health Care Future Past

Fixed that for them. But I guess selling a system that’s more expensive, involves more no-value-added middlemen, and has worse outcomes than other industrialised Western nations involves bending reality a bit.


I think it would be very satisfying to watch Humana and Aetna go bankrupt. Yes people would lose their jobs, but the society as a whole would save a lot of money, and the savings would create jobs in other sectors of the economy.


Yes, I hope they point out all the failures for universal health care globally. I hear they really hate having free health care in other countries…


Capitalism can go away any time now. It makes people the worst.


Their logo seems to be “Crushing one-sided handshake”.

Or maybe the red hand is just crushing some sort of bird?


In our area, either as an unintended consequence or really devious plot, Medicaid reimbursement has fallen to where there are very few docs accepting it. At one time, Medicare was the touchstone, with Medicaid set at 60% of Medicare scale. We are now lower than that. As I am a pediatrician, Medicaid is much more impactful on my practice than Medicare. But both are rapidly putting the kibosh of independent private practices. If you work for large groups or hospitals, you can charge “facility fees” which can double the billing for a visit. Those are not allowed for independents, though. We stopped working in the hospital when it became financially untenable. I would be called into the ED at 3:00 am to deal with a critically ill child and be paid $20. No thank you.


Getting away from a system where I pay $18 for a blood test at one lab and $469 for the same test when done at a different lab should be a shame.

Giving up the joy of having to spend an hour on the phone with various people to clarify and correct bills every. single . fucking . time I have any interaction with the healthcare “system” would be awful.

Having an insurance company decide that it will pay for thousands of dollars to treat symptoms, but not hundreds to address the underlying complaint is fantastic and I would never want to lose the privilege of some hack in a cubicle in Cincinnati making decisions on my healthcare without every having met me.


I mean, we all knew something like this was probably happening all along, but…fuck.




it also looks suspiciously like it was inspired by another logo …

(just like the gammadion, I suspect that icons based on two-hands-and-a-circle is ruined for all time)


Blue hand is trying to open door of healthcare provider; red hand is going “Nah-ah, not so fast there buddy.”


It would be handy to have a linkable bingo sheet of the various talking points for easy reference whenever someone parrots the nonsense. At least on occasion I might get a bingo.


It’s difficult to name any group as “homicidal, sociopathic filth” without diving into hyperbole. Even so, this may be the only accurate way of describing the American health care industry.


It’s so nice to see my newly elected senator from Arizona onboard with this. Way to dive right in, Kyrsten.

/s with a side of angry despair


I always said VEEP was the best documentary on TV


Whenever I would debate with conservatives about Obamacare I would always point out that it was created with a lot of input from the health care industry, and it’s far more a payout to them than some kind of socialism or government takeover of the industry. I accepted the ACA as a step forward but it was always a disappointing half-step.


…they say this like “ripping apart our current system” would be a bad thing?


Red hand has punched through Blue’s chest and is crushing four ribs.


It’s like that old joke about comedians who know all each other’s jokes so they just use a shorthand: joke 317 (hahahaha!) 269 (hahahaha!) 892 (crickets, i guess ‘masturbate in front of others’ is no longer funny… progress!)

.gif 1 = pund head on table
.gif 2 = face palm
.gif 3 = shockedwellnotthatshocked
.gif 4 = this is fine