Million-dollar lotto winner finally can afford a doctor visit, discovers he has terminal cancer and promptly dies


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Even if that were true, you fucks it isn’t the point. The point is that no country is made better by depriving it’s citizenry of proper health care.



Ain’t that America.


Jesus. The poor man. Condolences to his loved ones from an internet stranger.



Late stage cancer capitalism

That’s a hell of a juxtaposition.


Is it too late for them to send their thoughts and prayers?


Your URL “subtitle” for this one is spot-on, @doctorow . Perhaps call this story “The Gift of the Maggots.”


The Aristocrats! America!


Only in America!


Recent and related: “I am lucky not for surviving the infection, but for being a member of a shrinking class of Americans whose lives can absorb a trauma of this magnitude.”


What a shithole


Well, not only in America… just saying.

I have said for a long time it was a huge mistake to link it to employment. Thankfully when I was self employed, my wife had coverage.


eking out a marginal living without retirement savings or health insurance

hitting a bit too close to home, here.


Thanks for posting that. It should be this week’s required reading for America.


At least this problem of his was solved then.


Not a story that I would simply file under “People Who Died Rich” without a lot of thought.


America is the only first world nation where this can happen.


Things like that just shoudn’t happen in one of the richest countries on earth.
One thing I have noticed is that healthcare costs in US seem to be way bigger that in other first world countries. Maybe the lack of socialized healthcare options is driving up the costs?


No if anything the infrastructure around health care in the US is excessively socialist. The industry is over regulated by health management organizations and insurers. A more purely capitalist system would be more efficient, and thus cheaper to use.