Learn epic tricks with the Penguin Magic starter kit

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Two to three hours of instructional video per trick? Surely I’m reading that wrong? Those would have to be either really difficult tricks, or rather drawn-out explanations…

Well, I guess it takes a whole lot of time to make those instructions *easy to follow…"

What I’m curious about is why it is “10-25 hours of instructional video content”. Do they really not know the exact number of hours of content with any greater precision than +/- 7.5 hours?

10 hours are already produced, depending on the success the will (or will not) film a few hours more?

Who knows, but for 10-25 hours of video instruction I propose paying $10-25 rather than the advertised $20 (59% off!). (Or searching YouTube for similar magic instruction for free, though the free videos might lack the up to 5 hours of instruction per trick… .)

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