Leatherbound Sandman omnibus, book two


So. Can you tell me what the difference is between this and the Absolute version of Sandman? I’m assuming it’s a “lesser” version of the Absolute Sandman prints.

I recently picked up volume 10 of the recoloured edition (having bought and read the previous 9) - this is bad timing :slight_smile:

Although it’s a big-ass collection - only two books? They must be beastly to read.

Edit: Just saw the pics - blimey it’s big! Anyone got any pics of the actual pages, are they normal ‘comic book’ pages? i.e. not those thick, papery, rough pages (I hate those).

Yeah, I’m not sure how they managed to fit Sandman into two books. I have the four Absolute Sandman books and they are huge. Each one is about the size of an Encyclopedia and around 7-8 pounds. They are rather handsome on the bookshelf though.

So if I wanted to buy something like this as a gift for someone, which would be the recommended among fans?

I looked at the limited edition signed one but um… as much as I’d love to give that I don’t have 500 handy :confused:

I see you also have a copy of the wonderful and woefully underrated “Tea with the Black Dragon.” Beautiful book.


Would still like to know what the differences between prints are if someone can answer this. Is the omnibus sacrificing anything when compared to the Absolute version? Are they the same? Is paper/print quality better in one over the other?

I already have the first tow volumes of the Absolute Sandman, and before i end up spending a huge amount of money on completing it i’d like to know if i should continue or sell them to get the Omnibus version instead.

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I wish MacAvoy got as much credit for Tea with the Black Dragon as Gaiman did for Sandman.

There is a video review here. Not sure if you can tell from that but it might help. He does compare the two slightly toward the end.

As one of the Amazon reviews points out, there’s a question here about how good the binding is and whether it can actually support active reading of the 1000 pages for the lifetime I’d ask of it.

On the other hand, $200 for a nice edition of the complete run isn’t all that unreasonable.

I love hardcovers. They aren’t even all that unreasonably priced, especially in book club and/or combined/omnibus editions. But they’re BULKY compared to paperbacks, and given limits on shelf space and space for shelves…

(Realistically, I’m likely to wind up with a house whose walls are insulated by a thick layer of books…)

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