LED lamp made from real dandelion fluff



I can’t believe it’s not entirely ephemeral! Until I can visit local shops I’ll be sticking marine crustacean bits on that can take a few washes…

It also reminds me that I find dandelions beautiful even though so many people hate them. Every time I ask why it’s always the same answer: “They break up the nice even green of my yard.” Do you live on a golf course?


Advantage to being lazy and living in the woods, weeds become wildflowers and everyone is happy.


I love this, and would love to make one myself, although I can’t believe the seeds won’t droop or die. Are they protected in any way?

I guess the seed pods themselves must be a ridgid structure, and won’t have a vascular system so must not need water. My instinct is still that they’d age in a few months, but perhaps not?

By the time a dandelion is ready to spread its seeds, the individual seeds have largely dried out, and the tuft that lets them blow away on the breeze is dessicated too. If it weren’t so prone to falling apart, dandelion clocks (the term for a puff of seeds from one bloom) would be used in dried flower arrangements.

Good to know. I’ll put it on my list of things to make. Once I’ve mastered the art of gluing tiny tiny things onto other tiny tiny things.

(Fine detail isn’t really my strong suit…)

I regret that I’m allergic to light.


the real feat of engineering must be whatever they’ve designed to keep it from getting crushed in shipping. drives up the cost notably, I’d reckon


it sure is cool, though.

In about a month my front yard will have a few thousand of the live versions to practice with. I’ll get back to you in about a year when I have achieved success.

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