LED light bulbs on sale on Amazon again

That’s my assumption when I’ve replaced LED bulbs that were mounted base up in fixtures with glass domes. The LED bulbs certainly haven’t lasted as long as their rated life span in many of the fixtures I’ve got.

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Here in California I can buy dimmable LED lamps with a >90 CRI from the nicer Japanese equivalent of a dollar store, Daiso, for cheap. Not quite as cheap as Mark’s deal, but better lamps thanks to California’s guidelines for LED lamps.

To my surprise, fakespot gives the Amazon reviews of Mark’s lamps a “D” rating. I wouldn’t have thought that a well known brand like Sylvania would apparently cheat on reviews. :-/


Daiso often has deals on LEDs where you get 2 for a buck. (Edison sponsored deal if you’re in So. Cal.). If not, try one of the dollar stores. My dad bought a case of them years ago at about the same price point and is still working through it.

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Most cheapie LED bulbs aren’t rated for fully enclosed fixtures. They don’t put out much heat, but they use cheaper electronic components that are only rated for max 105F/40C. So they tend to fail rapidly in totally enclosed fixtures.

Bulbs rated for fully enclosed fixtures generally use more expensive higher-temp rated components (and often have longer warranties).

(Surprisingly, these Sylvania bulbs are rated for enclosed fixtures despite a 40C max operating temp. Their one quality bright spot!)


No, they are equivalent to the illumination of a 60w incandescent. They’re 8.5w.

I think I’m just going to comment on every BB/Amazon sponsored post because it’s the only thing that cheapens the Boing Boing experience for me and remind you that those light bulbs cost CAD $50.23 (US$37.90) where I live and that Amazon prices differently for several regions in the US.

I haven’t yet found any that don’t say that. Same went for CF bulbs. I’ve been using them that way with no ill effects, thus far.

Target was selling some kind of halogen bulbs a while back (same size/fit as incandescents) and they had a lifespan comparable to that of a lit match.

What kind of sensitivity does your partner have? Most CFL lights run at over 10khz, so usually cause very few photosensitivity issues. And given that LED is used as backlighting in so many devices, it seems like it would be a constant issue for them using anything except a book. Beyond malfunctioning bulbs that would give anyone a headache, are you sure it isn’t some other issue, like blue light sensitivity?

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