#Leftistshark: Katy Perry's Super Bowl Left Shark plus Noam Chomsky quotes




I hear the #Rightwing shark is known to quote Milton Friedman.



I like zz tops response better: http://i.imgur.com/NKmDsBO.jpg


So much Win.

Alas, not enough people are familiar with the non-song quotes of Billy Gibbons, who while not always politically correct, is often amusing (even in his brazen dickishness).


Thanks for the intro to that site!


Ooooh-oooh! Someone do one where he downplays and then justifies the slaughter by the Khmer Rouge!


[quote=“Dawg, post:7, topic:51214”]
he downplays and then justifies the slaughter by the Khmer Rouge
[/quote]I’ve got one better where he responds to those bullshit accusations.


Ok, I think I’m caught up now. I just googled this whole Katy-Perry-Left-Shark thing meme. Phew, I’m getting old, the internet moves too fast for me sometimes! (The Superbowl is the one football game a year I put on the TV and even then I don’t pay too close attention to it!) :smile:


I’d like to see the Chomsky quote where he talks about the media reducing his work to soundbites without time for context or explanation.


Chomp-sky would love that.


Don’t feel bad, I found myself wondering where Katy Perry came in.


Brilliant. Can you give me the short story? I have no fucking clue.


Marketers staged a distraction where a dancer in a shark outfit acts silly and appears to accidentally miss choreographed cues during a Perry song and dance performance (super bowl halftime) in a fairly brilliant act of social engineering. Public falls for it hook, line and sinker (pun intended) after thinking it was organic.


" … Despite widespread mockery of the Katy Perry dancer known only as “Left Shark,” the choreographer responsible for Perry’s Super Bowl halftime show (and Left Shark’s adorably awkward moves) tells The Hollywood Reporter that the dancer nailed the routine. … "

More from Chomp-sky on public relations industry and social engineering:


I was reminded of the chorus line gag where one inept performer is always out of step with the rest. I find it mildly surprising if people didn’t realise this was all part of the show. Maybe a little more subtle than usual… or maybe the joke only comes across with three or more dancers.


Ahhhhhh. OK. So, left shark, leftist shark, I get it.

The Superbowl, Katy Perry, choreography controversy… it’s hard to imagine a more perfect storm of shit that has no chance of appearing on my radar.


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