Legal pot industry already bigger than Cheeto industry


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Funny. I would have thought the two industries would, er, feed off each other.





If Justin Beiber were Jay Leno’s son?


The pot industry IS the cheeto industry :smiley:


I think the fact that this industry is exploding without tax breaks shows how unnecessary they are.

Tax breaks are corporate welfare for companies, companies that are profitable at that - like the oil industry needs our help. These are the antithesis of a “free market” & the equivalent of social welfare/assistance - both of which those who are vocal supporters for .com tax breaks (in general) are wholeheartedly against the exact same thing when it comes to aiding the poor.


Hmm, the munchie economy sounds increasingly unsustainable.


It’s amazing how much money the industry has already generated, and that’s just from pot sales. Auxiliary businesses, like pot resorts, lounges, etc have hardly begun. It’s very heartening to see.

“The buying and selling of dope in this country may be the last vestige of free enterprise left.”
-Sergeant Stedenko, Up in Smoke


This may explain Chester’s recent inroads with the furry community.


I completely agree, although recall that tax breaks and subsidies are typically created for specific reasons. The problem is that once a tax break or subsidy is created, removing it is very difficult. For example, if there is a prolonged drought and we want farmers to keep their farms so they can continue farming once the drought is done, that’s worthwhile use of funds. But that’s rarely how it works in practice.

In New Jersey, there are towns where the property taxes are very high because there are no businesses. There are others where the property taxes are more reasonable because there ARE businesses. And then there are some where there are businesses AND the property taxes are high because the business, through a sweetheart deal, pays no taxes.

The background to these types of deals and tax changes are really no different than the big-name deals we see regarding sports stadiums. The business comes in with a proposal stating how great it will be for the local economy, and how good it will be for the town/city, and hey, you DO want us here, right? You don’t want us in that OTHER town or city or state, right? So you may as well give us a permanent tax break, right?


Makes sense to me. My pot to snack ratio in dollars is about $5 for snacks for every $10 in weed.


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