America's $4.5 billion legal weed market surpasses these massive consumer markets


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This seemed like a weird collection of arbitrary comparisons. A more interesting question (to me at least) is ‘how might a legal weed market change markets for other products?’ Like kebabs and ice cream.


Weed costs more, so I would have guessed these numbers would have been higher.

Girl Scout Cookies would sell better if they were sold outside dispensaries.


An even better synergy might get them inside the dispensaries.


How does Jeff Sessions fit into this?
Is he fighting the war to restore Girl Scout Cookies and tequila?


Sounds like dinner for a clinical depressive.


Beer and Weed make the world go round in San Diego. Fact…


Not for this one.


For me, definitely. I’ll do things like eat an entire jar of peanut butter and call it dinner, assuming I can be bothered to eat at all.


‘Lawful’ Evil Elf Jeff Secessions used to think the KKK were jes a buncha good ol boys then he discovered they smoke marijuana! Shock! Horror!

Can we stop calling weed by its slave name? The name is Cannabis, please.


Why is this taking so long (in Canada)?


Well, I don’t drink any more, so no tequila for me, though I’d have a go at the worm. And no frozen GSCs; I’ve already broken a tooth on a frozen Samoa, years ago.


How about marijuana? Pot? Ganga? Smoke? Green? Stuff? Mother Nature’s Bounty? Shit?


The problem, of course, is that the idiots in charge hate the idea of making money to balance their budgets. So the fact that legal weed represents a huge opportunity for making tons of money through taxes, has no traction with them. Sadly.


When they list 4.5 billion, do they include the taxes in that figure?

It’s my understanding marijuana is taxed at a much higher rate than alcohol, so more sales might not mean they’re selling more weed than tequila.

(Or maybe I just am not aware of the true level of booze tax since we don’t disclose it separate from the price like dispensary weed)


I wondered a while ago who uses weed the most per capita, since surely the Dutch have earned their reputation.

Or even Canada, right?

Nope. It’s the USA.


Yep, that’s been tried.

As I recall, the organization put its foot down on that. Because.


I blame fictional Cheech & Chong for making the whole " weed, must make munchie joke" thing.

For me cannabis is all about creativity (think of real life Sir Paul McCartney).

Since legalization occurred in the Pacific Northwest my consumption of pens, paper, brushes, paint and various other art supplies has gone way up. No way to get around it cannabis gets the creative juices flowing.


I know it’s not crazy fast, but the liberals put forward a bill about a year and a half after being elected to office, and if all goes well it could get passed july of 2018.

That’s not blazing fast, but it’s under three years from election to passage (if all goes well) which I’m pretty happy about. I think in terms of relatively major legislation, that’s not terrible


Not surprised. The Dutch aren’t really as pro-pot as we Americans think they are, just because they don’t have draconian drug laws like we do.