Legal weed is 22.5% cheaper on the west coast

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That’s because, as Jim will tell you, the west is the best.


Papasan has been shouting this from the roof tops!

Oh, that’s me…


I am trying to understand why legal weed is so expensive.
If you look at tobacco (similar difficulty to grow?) it is about $20 a pound an is also subject to taxation.

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You need to be high to get it, Man.



–bitter in Brooklyn, NY.


The price of Marijuana edibles in California rose A LOT after July, when the new legalization that we thought we wanted went into effect. Edibles are also now limited to 100 milligrams of THC each. If can only eat it, but not smoke it, you’re fucked.


For the San Diego area, I’d hazard a guess it’s oversupply and also too many distributors. You can’t swing a bong in Chula Vista without hitting a marijuana facility. You can literally smell it in the air in certain areas, and the resulting sales wars have some stores putting sign spinners out in the street for advertising.


Junction of HWY 15 and Market Street! Like every day I pass there on my motorcycle I’m sniffing the air like a hound dog.

@Erik_Denning Dear Wife and I stocked up on the edibles prior to the new law, got’em stashed up in Joshua Tree for the Holidays.


So for a guy who only tokes a 50 centavo-sized nugget for an entire day, is 100 mg enough? I ask because I’m considering a switch.


100 mg in one dose? That’s a lot, isn’t it? I don’t understand how you’re fucked…


I didn’t vote for legal weed because I wanted a price cut, I voted for legal weed because the War on Drugs is one of the most destructive ideas in the history of the United States.


This is up for debate, I’m extremely sensitive to edibles, so I take’m with a fair pinch of caution.
Others take a considerable dose, and they just get a buzz. Moral of the story is all Edibles are not created equally. Hope that sets you on the right path…


Why would they put East on the left and West on the right? Were they high?



I can’t wait for Jeff Sessions to take this info and twist it into somehow proving that legalizing weed just isn’t working.

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“It failed. Time to roll it all back. You tried, but it’s just chaos out there. Let’s get those dogs out of retirement.”


While illegality/black market has always driven up the price, there’s a lot of basic costs that go into creating quality indoor pot such as: electricity (those lights suck up a ton of power), fertilizers (even people growing organically use a ton of additives), legal shit (permits, taxes, etc), rents, additional hands, etc. Then there’s the fact that once you’ve grown it and cured it and trimmed it, you’re bringing it to a shop that is going to sell it so the pot shop is, what - doubling the price?

What this actually means in some places is that the cost associated with producing it is outstripping the actual profit. In some places, the people profiting the most are bigger operations while smaller guys who are doing it all legit are cut out because they can’t make the profit margins.

Forget about outdoor- the market on that has kind of fallen out. I had a friend showing me her $50/oz outdoor she’d picked up (she lives in SF) and it was actually pretty nice.

It’s a weird market, on the cusp of full legality, and trying to figure out how to manage itself.

Finally, comparing it to tobacco is like comparing some grapes you bought at the grocery store to those cabernet grapes that a winery is working on growing JUST RIGHT. Or… actually, not even - because the grapes aren’t being consumed on a ‘per grape’ basis. But I think you get the point.

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Maybe comparing it to tobacco is like comparing the cow living in Caushwitz (along the 5 in CA. You know it if you know it… ) to the famed Kobe Cow being massaged and fed sake. Sort of vast price differences and care.


If that’s the only reason you voted for legal weed, then how is this conversation relevant to you?

I believe you.