Legal weed price drops 40% in Washington


Makes sense considering the black market would have no reason to exist at this point if it couldn’t compete on price (kind of like the untaxed cigarettes Eric Garner was killed for). But what was the black market price before legalization, I wonder?


Presumably in response to the lower tax coming in Oregon?

Now they just need to allow more shops to open. Is it still just one for the whole of Seattle?

I don’t indulge, but that seems daft. Colorado seem to have done this much better.

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I paid $7/g legally in colorado recently. Left the weed with my friends, saved the container as a souvenier.

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We are up to 5 now in the city! Progress! /sarcasm

Seriously, WA has been a complete and utter joke at this process. But that is what we get for letting the liquor control board run things.

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Given how many ‘medicinal’ dispensaries there are in Seattle, I really don’t understand the reticence in allowing recreational sales.


I’m only minorly familiar with the street price of illegal weed, having only bought it a handful of times. I’m also from the East Coast where according to legend things are more expensive, harder to come by, and lower quality than out west. But my first reaction at seeing $25 a gram was “that’s not bad”. IIRC when I was at college $10-$15/gram was about standard for “mids”: middle grade, un-named, moderate potency weed of indeterminate origin. Or even lower grade stuff when access was limited. The legal and medical stores tend to exclusively sell the sort of high grade, named, high potency strains that seemed to be difficult to find consistently on the black market. For my pot smoking friends then (and even now I think) $25 a gram for something like that would be a reasonable price, and $50-$75 might not be unheard of. But again I don’t really smoke, and don’t really buy so this outlook might be really outdated or skewed (at least geographically).

So anyway my point is what are they comparing the price to. Is the $10/gram weed on the black market the same quality of product carried at the weed stores at $15/gram (and previously at $25)? If these are average prices how much is the average for street weed being dragged down by the very low end, cheapest product? Is the legal weed average getting pumped by by a high volume of crazy expensive designer weed that tastes like puppies and rainbows?

The $10/gram provided by the black market is some crappy stuff. I mean crappy to the point of a customer being potentially like ‘thats pot?’ The black market can sometimes supply stuff at $20/g that is on par w/ dispensary, $15/g sometimes will at least look like dispensary. But $10/g i shudder the thought and to be compared to dispensary prices, why, thats like apples and oranges! (or using the correct terms, regs to kindbud/pif/dro)

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All depends on who you buy from/what you get. Not all blackmarket cannabis and lower prices is crap. Much of it in WA is fine quality.


Friends tell me they just paid something like $13/g for some pretty good stuff on the East Coast. If DC can get Congress of their budgetary backs, it’ll be interesting to see the going rate in that city.

I have two people I go to for weed. One I pay 70 for 1/2 an ounce and the other 120 for 1/2 and ounce. The cheaper is completely serviceable pot, while the more expensive is the gourmet stuff. She always carried five or six strains, etc. But the point is I’m still not cracking over ten a gram.

This is West Coast pricing, but it’s not unusual.


Don’t count on it. The rules rollout is being done by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, which is notoriously incompetent and has multiple conflicts of interest in acting as both regulator and purveyor of alcohol. I’m expecting the worst from them.

When i was in college, mid-grade stuff went for a buck a gram. $DEITY, I feel old.

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