The day pot became legal in Colorado


That day has yet to come. Although the laws of the state of Colorado permit use of Marijuana the laws of the United States of America (of which Colorado is still a part) do not. Despite the belief that the Federal Constitution does not grant the Federal Government the power to regulate intrastate commerce the courts disagree.

Yes, but the Feds simply don’t have the resources to fight the War on Drugs all by themselves if state and local agencies won’t play ball. If the states won’t arrest, prosecute or incarcerate people for weed then Uncle Sam will eventually have to give up the game.


So how has this affected price? There has been all sorts of rampant speculation here about what the price will be like when the first retail stores in WA open, like $80 for an 8th type speculation.

I’m primarily interested in experiencing marijuana consumption as a facet of the regular retail experience, more for the novelty of it than utility (unless prices actually go down). My current provider(s) all have great stuff and one even delivers to my neck of the wood, but I would enjoy a marijuana store that was similar to a liquor or convenience or tobacco store.

I heard an interview on NPR which seemed to indicate the premium is 2 to 3 dollars a gram more than the medical grade still sold with a card, at the same stores. Those are currently the only distribution points.

In San Francisco where anyone can get a medical card, the price remains slightly higher than you would pay from a “personal source”. But the convenience, selection, and consistent quality more than make up for it. Perhaps most importantly you can always get exactly the amount you want, in whatever form you want, exactly when you need it so you don’t have to buy in large quantities that end up going up in smoke. Really much better than most retail experiences for conventional goods where you have less selection and significantly higher prices than you can get ordering on the internet.

I’m glad I don’t smoke weed anymore; it’s just too easy in so many ways.

“Kids, don’t do drugs, but do stay in the schools funded by them.”
-Conan O’Brien (rerun)

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Its quite exciting! States choosing to ignore federal laws… what a lovely precident.

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