Smugglers disguise marijuana as carrots


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They should test smoke it just to be sure.


As a link is missing in the post here’s CNN’s coverage - but I wonder, someone build and packed 3000 of the carrot-shaped containers, with a street value of ~ $500k. Is the profit margin for marijuana high enough to justify the effort?


Hmm. Looks to me like they were found on an airport conveyor belt.


Should’ve gone with bananas.


No, the street value of marijuana is $50 an ounce. At least here in San Diego that is the case.


I used the estimated value cited in CNN’s article


D: The joint I am about to roll requires a craftsman and can utilize up to twelve spliffs. It is called a Camberwell carrot.

M: It’s impossible to use 12 papers on one joint.

D: It is impossible to roll a camberwell carrot with anything less.

M: Who says it’s a Camberwell carrot?

D; I do. I invented it in Camberwell and it’s shaped like a carrot.



If they could disguise carrots as marijuana, kids might get their vegetables. :bulb:


2500 tons is a whole mess of carrots, let alone of marijuana. Maybe 2500 kg? That seems unlikely, too, based on the photos.



Is that Mexican weed prices or is it just that awesome to be in SD? In Portland it’s $140 for an ounce of decent outdoor weed.


There are some 200 weed depots here in San Diego, so the street price is ridiculous for straight up good smoking weed. For Reals!

PS. It’s cheaper to smoke weed than go out to bars, but I do have a considerable Whiskey yearning, so to the bar I must go for my Happy Hour, to my cozy hovel for a peaceful toke I do go.


They do say carrots are good for your eyes, and I know some people use marijuana to treat their glaucoma.

This sounds like one-stop shopping.


yes…my back of the envelope calculations are that this is equivalent to about 66 standard 40’containers…


But everybody just always looks at those.


some of those carrots look like the size of children’s arms. where the heck were they growing them??


just… look at them?


“And if I spike you, you’ll know you’ve been spoken to”