Customs officers not fooled by marijuana disguised as watermelons


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And they would have gotten away with it too, if not for that meddling dog!


Thank goodness they stopped that oh-so-very dangerous marijuana. It certainly has destroyed civilization as we know it here in Colorado.


They look more like gumballs. Now I want some watermelon-flavored bubblegum.


…3,000 pounds of alleged marijuana, which CBP reports is valued at approximately $600,092

only $200/lb? Can I get in on that?


Only $200.03 per lb. Wonder where that extra $92 came from?


Well Hugh and Johnny looked, well, happy.

Thermo King. Keeping things ‘fresh’ since 1938.

“At Thermo King we understand that if the quality of pharmaceutical product shipments is compromised, the risk is more than loss of cargo”


Plastic bags aren’t free. Everyone forgets about the business overhead!


So were the “watermelons” headed north or south?


I guess when you buy 3,000lbs you get a Volume Discount. Street value is like 5-8 times higher per pound… he said higher…heh heh heh


I’m shocked that Mexican weed confiscated by law enforcement was priced reasonably for the news report.

Ten years ago there would have been another zero on these figures.


Now I want some marijuana-flavored bubblegum.


Trump makes good on his commitment to stop unfair trade. This low ball pricing puts American growers at real disadvantage.


Can we get watermelon flavored, THC-infused bubblegum? I’ll click an affiliate link…


When the War on Drugs ramped up under Reagan, it amounted to a Trumpian protectionist plan for the domestic US weed industry. That was when bud of really high quality started being grown in quantity across the country. Who’s buying shitty Mex like this? Certainly not the fine citizens of the 8 states who can proudly walk into their local dispensary and buy excellent AMERICAN grown product.

Why does our new USAG hate weed? It’s an American business success story!


Guessing it has something to do with a stoned-out-his-mind Ned Beatty experience in the backwoods of Alabama.


you think you want watermelon gum now, just wait until you’ve consumed 3000lbs of marijuana!

Would you settle for Bubble Gum Marijuana?


Yet Deepak Chopra is allowed to cross the border without incident.


Bubblegum? Hmmm. Bubblegum.
<rummages about>

Nope, sorry. Can’t find any THC-infused watermelon bubblegum.

Would you settle for THC-infused watermelon sour gummies?

Or maybe some THC-infused watermelon hard candies?

Or maybe some Watermelon-flavored THC syrup?

Those, we’ve got. (-:


“Smugglers continue to be creative as they attempt to introduce illegal narcotics into our country,” said Port Director Efrain Solis Jr., Hidalgo/Pharr/Anzalduas Port of Entry in a release. “Our frontline CBP officers’ experience, vigilance and attention to detail prevents the introduction of these dangerous drugs into our country.”[/quote]

Thankfully they had those trained police dogs, or they wouldn’t have been able to distinguish watermelon rinds from…what is that? Vinyl?