Border police find two tons of marijuana disguised as limes


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What a sour outcome.


What? Disguise them as zucchini or Brussels sprouts. Then nobody will go near them!


I got high just looking at it.


That song about the limes in the coconuts makes a lot more sense now. If only they’d hidden them there.


I was wondering why the grocery store was selling limes by the ounce instead of by the pound.


The guy I shed a tear for is the fellow who just spent this month’s green duct tape budget on several days of carefully making fake limes only to have his artwork ruined by those DEA creeps.


he would’ve gotten away with it too if it weren’t for those meddling kids


Key limes? Nah, there must be at least ten of those in a key.


You put the lime in the dope you nut, and smoke 'em both up.


Perhaps the only way to get me to drink a Corona.


Today I Learned: Mexican weed is now only $200 per pound!


You wouldn’t believe the margarita I had last night! Imported limes FTW


Just one more reason to legalize it nationwide.


There’s that much profit in weed, it’s still worth smuggling?


I must have really liked that restaurant. After 2 margaritas I ordered 4 plates of enchiladas.


a wall will stop this for sure.


I told you we should have gone with the lymon!


Maria Full Of Limes.


I’m too lazy to find it, but I had read ages ago that if marijuana were as unregulated as lettuce, a joint would cost about the same as a packet of sweet and low. Of course, let it all be grown domestically and there will be something else coming across the border from Mexico illegally instead. Cartels are gonna cartel.