Ex-dealer discloses tricks to mail weed without getting caught

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Waiting 48 hours before opening a parcel provides a window to hand the unopened package to authorities, claiming no knowledge of its contents, if they investigate

Big yikes from me. Aren’t postal inspectors one of the people you aren’t supposed to mess with?


One of our avionics boxes has EEPROMS which we have to get programmmed by a vendor. They are normally cleared by UV, but intense X-rays would do it too. Chips were arriving properly programmed for years but once the vendor started putting “Do not X-ray” on the cartons the chips would always arrive corrupt. We put a data logger in some shipments and determined FedEx were X-raying the packages, but only because they had a label saying “Do not X-ray”.


So if I have what I believe to be priceless undeveloped film that I want to mail somewhere, and I insure it for a million dollars, and to doubly make sure it’s not x-rayed, should I put, “definitely not drugs”, and “whatever you do for the love of God, don’t x-ray this package”, can I mail it around until it gets x-rayed, collect millions and retire? Asking for a friend.


Well, not now that you’ve told all of the internet about your plot :wink:


I think it’d be easier just to drive down to the store and buy some.



Just how putting a fragile label on something means nothing when shipping things :roll_eyes: I also recently moved and the movers were pretty rough even with the boxes we labeled as fragile.


Years ago I sold a record on ebay to a guy in the Netherlands, he asked to pay by mailing me $50 USD (he didn’t use paypal I guess?), and so a $50 bill arrives via air mail wrapped in tin foil so you couldn’t see it through the envelope. He also put a dried/pressed weed leaf in there, for reasons I still can’t figure out (I guess he thought it was some wink-wink “weed is cool, right?” thing). I laid right into him: “Are you trying to get me arrested, you moron? And, what, am I supposed to smoke this one leaf? It’s all risk and no benefit!”


Whatever you do, don’t have anything illegal sent to somebody else’s address with the intent that you will snag the box off their porch before they get home. I’ve read too many horror stories about people getting raided and their houses trashed by enthusiastic law enforcement just because they received somebody else’s drugs.


My college ROTC boyfriend spent his summer on a Navy ship. I spent the summer at the beach. I sent him some sand in an envelope. He was called into the captain’s quarters to open it!


Maybe it’s so common there they use it as packing material?


Seems absolutely worth the shenanigans. Hopefully his superiors had a sense of humor over it


Mailing pot just seems quaint these days, since you can just go down to a dispensary, or even have them come to you.


Unless you are in one of the orange states.


I don’t trust that map. Medical is legal in TX, at least to a degree.

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Its from April 2023. And I doubt it includes every possible exception

But the point still stands that there are vast swathes of the country where weed is illegal.


Pretty sure that map is out of date. Missouri I think has medical and just recently legalized it. IIRC Nebraska is going to vote on it.

Kansas is real fuddy duddies about this, and target out of state cars.


Per above


Not sure why the details are getting so much push back. It is known that there are still jurisdictions where it’s not legal and these mail tips are still of use.


That needs to be possible in all 50 states, and in all countries.

Marijuana has been legal here in Michigan for years - and even longer within the city of Detroit - but it still ahem trips me out that we can go to a nearby store and shop for weed. The prices ain’t absurd, either. The ahem joint that currently receives all our custom offers ounces of the superb stuff they grow for ridiculously reasonable prices.

I LOL’d like hell when my BF told me he’d asked, “Oh, do you have any hash?” as he outlined his visit to a provisioner’s one day last year. It’s surreal, nowt like asking the same question of your buddy in high school who sold joints.

Michigan allows consumers to purchase a total of two ounces per day. FWIW, dunno how a record of the purchase is made, and whether shops somehow talk to each other to avoid customers’ acquiring two oz at two different places on the same day.
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