Somebody swiped weed from Chicago airport's "Cannabis Amnesty Box"

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Give a dime, take a dime.


Last month I traveled to Chicago for a con … I ate my pot before I left and had a more enjoyable plane trip.


I’ve flown out of McCarran a few times since legalization but didn’t notice them.

As a practical matter why not just leave it for the maid?

I would never break federal law, but if I did and overbought I’d just leave it with a note that says “tip”

Unfortunately they can’t assume random money left in a room is a tip either given the nature of las vegas so LABEL YOUR TIP SOMEHOW such as using the free notepad + pen in every room to leave a note.


“new, permanent theft prevention boxes…” Hello, this is the lockpickinglawyer and what I have for you today…


isn’t an airport… covered in cctv? if someone can rob the weed box can’t they put a bomb in the weed box?

i feel like we’re missing the forest for the trees here…

(no pun intended)

I’ve flown out of DIA with an ounce in my carry on, more then once.

TSA does not give a fuck.

I mean I’ve taken moderate precautions. Wrap my MacBook power cord around the stash or put it in a bag of chips or candy.

I get why there is a box in Colorado Springs, because Colorado Springs is conservative AF. Garden of the Gods is cool, Manitou Springs is cool, and if you’re going to Pikes Peak you probably have to go to Colorado Springs. But Colorado Springs sucks and is filled with evangelical assholes.


In the words of Kill Hannah, “Welcome to Chicago, Motherfucker”.

No one could have possibly forseen this turn of events…


TSA doesn’t care to go looking for it, but they do have to react if they find it.

They are looking for bombs which look like suspicious electronics. Wrapping it in wires and foil is a good beginning to looking suspicious.

Pack it in a bag of nothing but dirty clothes. Scanners won’t find anything suspicious and a curious agent isnt going to spend time looking through everyone’s dirty laundry for something they can’t even detain you for.


Where does the amnesty weed usually end up?


Again I’d like to stress I don’t advocate breaking the law… both for moral reasons and the practical reason that the current situation is fragile given the currently president and the federal prohibition.

But as a practical matter I’ve heard vape pens are pretty much impossible to detect as nicotine or thc on sight, and there are no test kits for edibles.

But honestly imo, the high risk if you get some jobsworth who notices is not worth the hassle.

I fully support weed legalization, and think it’s much less harmful than alcohol or benzos. I also advocate if you really have a health issue, try to vacation in legal places or maintain a network of trusted friends.

(TBH I suffer really bad allergies such that smoke or vapor make me feel very bad, but I respect others rights to do as the please… I see canabis as kind of the ying to tea’s yang. Both are herbal supplements, that used sparingly can enhance your health)

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This strikes me as honestly a brilliant idea.

I mean if you’re a thief. Once it is in the box is still in on the ground a legal area, so technically the fact that the Box exists really doesn’t mean anything in my view legally. It would be no different than people voluntarily putting bud down legally on a plate in public.

If no one claims the plate anyone could walk up and just take some.

I would love to see local government or TSA defending legal property ownership of a federally illegal substance by use of these local boxes. Pretty sure no administration lawyer would support this local ownership of illegal substance, so even though they think they’re being nice, if you realize what it is, there should be no legal ramifications for actually taking something from it.

Granted you would have to be ballsy as hell but I don’t think there is a lawyer on earth that could actually convict you of something for doing this.

This is a truly interesting legal paradigm here


These boxes should 100% operate like those “Take a penny, leave a penny” trays.


Love me some weed, but this anecdote is about stealing needles from needle boxes.

South Minneapolis, 26th and Bloomington area: needles in the gutter, needles on the sidewalk, needles in the bus shelter, needles on my lawn, little orange needle caps everywhere everywhere everywhere.

Question: Should I take a coffee can, paint it red, and duct-tape it to the elm tree on the boulevard?

Answer: No. A needle can becomes a traffic zone – needles in, needles out.

One of my neighbors (former neighbor; I moved) has a fully chain-link-fenced yard on a corner lot with a lavish stand of lilacs just inside the fence.

This neighbor designated one corner of the yard, just inside the fence, as the “Throw your needles here place”, and she literally tells the junkies to throw their needles over the fence into this corner.

Between the fence and the lilacs, few junkies make the effort to climb the fence.

From time to time the neighbor goes in with a remote-grabby tool and cleans up the needles.

Update: Coffee can, sharps-away box with one-way drop-slot – doesn’t matter – needles in, needles out. I learned this from the neighbor, who has long experience with the problem.


Police were obviously mad that someone got to the stash before they did.


Does the amnesty work in both directions, or is it sort of a one-way thing?

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Take a dime, leave a dime, perhaps? :wink:

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attempting to remove anything placed inside, is a crime

I get why tampering with the box, or its contents, might be a crime, but why would removing something from it be prohibited? If it’s an “amnesty” box, then it’s not like anything deposited therein will be used as evidence, right? What do the authorities do with the contents that are relinquished? Indeed, why do they want to keep it?


It sounds like some happy mutant should set up their own amnesty box in the local airport.