Amazon customers surprised to receive delivery of 65 pounds of marijuana


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Seems like a great deal. They should’ve kept it :sunglasses:


If there isn’t a new strain of weed called Amazon Prime in the next week or so I’ll be very disappointed.


Methinks the value of Amazon Prime membership just went up.


What, no affiliate link?


Is this like a blind box chaser situation? What’re the odds of getting a bale of pot? 1/100?


Frankly if BB is willing to sell me a glass pipe for weed, and a grinder…



In CA, that would have been a no brainer; regardless to quality or strain.


Got higher anyway.

Amazon delivery, always delivering my stuff to the neighbors. :confused:

Beware of geeks bearing spliffs.

(I got nothin’…)


I already do, considering that most spliffs are usually a mixure of tobacco and marijuana.


Nooope! Somewhere was a mix up. Somewhere someone may know those bins were shipped to my address, and I would prefer them not coming around asking for them.


It was a sloppy rhyme to being with. I’ll flog myself with the Ars Poetica of shame.

Seriously though, I like cigars and I like herbs, but I fucking hate cigarettes and spliffs.


Psh, amateurs. Steal half and repackage remaining half, what’re the crooks going to do? Call the cops and tell them the packaging is different? :stuck_out_tongue:


Nooope! :slight_smile:


Same here!

I don’t mind the smell/taste of a good cigar, and I’m quite partial to the cannabis; but cigarettes and the tobbacco they’re made with are just gross.


They taste and smell like a chemical spill.


I can’t honestly say what I would do in that situation. I would want to keep it, but my paranoia would immediately demand I hide it somewhere (and where the fuck do you hide two huge bales of weed) or just call the police and "do the right thing " (but even that’s fraught with paranoia-- I might get arrested anyway. “Sure thing buddy, amazon sent you 65 pounds of weed! Cuff him!”)


I’ve seen home alone. I know what to do


…And wait for the knock on your door.