Amazon customers surprised to receive delivery of 65 pounds of marijuana


Also in the news, an angry Snoop Dogg was overheard screaming at Amazon customer service over a delayed package


On top of the hell that is the Trump administration and adding in all that potential of nuclear death and considering I just developed a serious lactose intolerance that is making me hate life …

Fuck! I could use some pot right now. (And I’ve never had any before)

I live in California and have no clue how one would get some … I guess I best sign up for Amazon Prime.


Now imagine all the cases where the recipients of surprise packages didn’t peep…


I just want BB to get my percentage… ummm where is that link again?
otoh it doesn’t seem to come with a USB power brick, so I dunno…


Given that the authorities could have been trying to track this down or waiting for someone to accept the package; I’d have handed those fifty pounds of pot over to them.


Later: Police report drug bust netting 35 pounds of marijuana

Even Later: DEA destroys 18 pounds of contraband


I’m all for folks smoking the ganja as they see fit, but I’d call 911 so fast on a delivery like that. Sorry, but someone means to pick that up and I don’t mean to be alone when it happens.


I have a story about how just such a spliff led to a daytime projectile vomiting situation in the middle of the afternoon in downtown Amsterdam last year… but I’ll spare you the gory details. :wink:


If you get a high quality hand-rolling shag like Peter Stokebye (sp?) it’s not thaaaaat bad… But I’m quite glad I’m over it.


I bet the person those bins were supposed to go to is having a bad day.


I’m going to make a wild stab and guess that those storage containers are manufactured in Mexico. It just seems so much less likely that an Amazon fulfillment center was being used as a drug distribution site a la Los Pollos Hermanos. They use metal detectors on Amazon employees and dont even let them have pockets.


I really am curious what the situation here was. Some distributor (heh) posted a vague thing quantity 1 holding a “special prize” that they were only ever supposed to accept a specific order for, and they let it slip accidentally? Presumably the buyer just did a search for these storage bins, right? This is pretty darn odd.

Not saying I’d mind if it happened to me…

(I half say because maybe this kind of thing is early-warning sign that the interwebs has become self-aware, and is starting to fuck with us with an odd sense of humor – so hook a brotha up, Almighty AI God!)



Or since it’s theoretically going to be ruined anyway (by the cops), just take a few pounds, and spritz it down with a few pounds of water so the weight’s the same. Cops report that someone got 65# of weed shipped to them, and whoever mis-sent it is pissed that the cops have it.

In the dry bale, the cops will be sure to report the 20# bale, I mean 15# bale when they log it in to evidence…

Either that, or sit on it for a few months, and if nobody comes by asking for it, you’ve got more weed than anyone other than Snoop could ever possibly smoke. If they do come by, just be chill and give it to them with a “wink wink, was wondering when you’d come by for this. No worries, it’s all there, and I didn’t call the cops.”.


It’s legal there, right? Don’t you just go to any of the hundreds of stores that sell it? Here the problem is finding a “doctor” willing to provide you a med card, not in finding the places where the stuff is sold.


Amazon: “Sorry about the mix-up. However, according to our records, we accidentally shipped you 70 lbs.”


Really not that hard to find. But either way isn’t recreational pot is legal in Cali right now? Or does it go into effect after a certain date?


Not sure about Cali’s full-legal date, but certainly doesn’t seem that there’s much difficulty getting a card there. I’m in Michigan where all of the main health systems still consider MJ to be the gateway-drug devil-weed. So, if you’re in the market for a med card, you have to go see someone shady who claims to be a doctor. I’m content to wait another year or two until full legalization inevitably makes our ballot - there’s a petition circulating for it right now. I have reoccurring pain, but not chronic pain.


I would like for at least medical weed to be legal in Austin TX but oh well. Some day i hope.


::sigh:: Texas. Sorry.


Used to live in Vegas, never thought pot would be legal there. I move away and it’s legal there now lol. Just my luck :stuck_out_tongue: not sure if Texas will ever legalize it but i’ll just have to wait.