Health Canada outs 40,000 medical marijuana users


Well, these are Canada Posties after all, buncha stoners fer shur. Its not the being outed that’s the problem, its the likelihood of ‘missing’ or mysteriously light shipments I would worry about. On they other hand, your local carrier could probably supply you with a better grade of seed…

Yeah, and you know those magazines delivered in discrete plain manila envelopes you read just for the articles? The mail carrier knows which ones come from which return address even without the company name. Delivering mail is what they do day in and day out. They know way more about you than you would imagine. But they have thousands of customers and for the most part don’t care one way or the other about your personal quirks.


““I’m outright panicked, It’s terrifying. So many levels of terrifying.”

While I think it’s terrible she is feeling this way, the issue seems a bit overstated. MMJ is not the socially ostracizing demon weed it once was, nor were these folks “outed” to anyone but their mailman and those who share their mailboxes - in other words, people who quite likely knew already and already have a relationship of at least some trust.

A fitting “punishment” for Health Canada might be to contribute a tidy sum of money to public education on medical maryjane.


Is marijuana legal in all of Canada? If so, I think it would make less of a difference than here where Federal laws prohibit the use and Federal employees are delivering the mail. But also, here, the NSA is copying every document that ends up in someone’s mailbox.

No, it’s not legal at all. I gather that’s the whole point - that the few thousand people who have a legal supply might now be the targets of burglaries or home invasions to acquire what’s quite a lucrative good thanks to prohibition.

If it was legal, it would be no riskier than a copy of cigar afficionado magazine revealing that you probably have some good cigars in the house.


Thank you.

This kind of thing is a reason that some growers avoid getting registered.


[quote"]““I’m outright panicked, It’s terrifying. So many levels of terrifying.”

There’s got to be a bad paranoia joke in there somewhere.

Although in reality I’d be a little freaked out too.


I have to wonder about this ‘mistake’, given the current (conservative) administrations record on protecting the private information of citizens held within the govt. Right now, the canadian prime minister is attempting to deflect criticism away from himself stemming from his association with quasi-mayor Rob Fnord by lumping him in with Justin Trudeau, the current leader of the liberal party, for admitting to having smoked mary jane.

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Ignoring the arguable specific stigma of MMJ, isn’t this a general violation of medical privacy? You can be pretty sure the recipients of this letter have one of a limited number of acute medical problems, which is something they might not feel comfortable being advertised.


Oh, Canada!

Or perhaps:

D’oh! Canada


Terrifying! Terrifying! The mailman smirked!

EDIT: Wait, if this is terrifying, does that mean the mailman is a terrorist?

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A lawyer mailed me a letter his office forgot too seal and provide unit number. The postal carrier, left it out in the lobby as it had no box number, unsealed. Lived at the same box for years but that day, no box number? No worrier, drop it off in the lobby. Thanks postal carrier who knows my name and box number for years. Nice work.

I guess in hind sight I could of sued that lawyer with another lawyer for the compromise of privacy. Or still could but its all water under a dribge.

This is also the folly of firearms registries that gun owners have been saying for years, and suspected burglaries have resulted. I don’t trust any data that so many agencies and individual users have access to will remain secure, and databases like these risk the safety of those within them.

“Party on, Wayne!”
“Party on, Lorne!”

If it were then insurance company letters / bills, doctors bills, and laboratory results would be also. Should all medical related correspondence be sent in plain brown paper with no company listed on the return address? Maybe, I guess…

How much do you want to bet this was done on purpose by some conservative party member?

Designed to just make life miserable for any marijuana user.

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I can think of a few home invasions where people thought there was marijuana growing. Please, if you are going to bring up guns, cite ONE example of where a burglary happened BECAUSE of a firearm registry. (In Canada specifically please).

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