Weed legal in Canada


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LOVE the new flag Canada!


brb moving to Canada


Cannabis Infused Maple Syrup
Prediction: Pancake breakfasts are going to be a thing.


About 20 years too late for me. Somewhere along the way I lost interest, though I loved the weed for awhile.


I celebrate the legalisation of weed if only for the fact that smoking it now won’t be cool and edgy and rebellious, and will no longer require white people to blast Bob Marley’s greatest hits as they consume it. Thank you, Canada.


How come Canada gets all the nice things!?!?


Pancakes… for breakfast?



Gerrymandering, Not done there.


Excuse me for a moment, just going to step outside for a good long scream.


Ever look at Canadian money… on weed??? It’s all funky colours and shit!


don’t have to, but probably still will

In a display of middle-agedness, I decided I’d rather wait 2-5 days for canada post delivery, rather than drag my ass downtown to buy weed at an SQDC outlet. My wife an I had a brief conversation as we tried to let go of the old phobias - “Wait, is it okay to use our credit card for this? I mean, it’s legal now, right?”


The Man is going to bust you dude


Canada right now…


just a day like any other


I’ll take uncool and legal over cool and illegal any day. No more people getting arrested for this. And hey, just maybe, it will leave the weed/pothead tropes by the wayside.


I have two sources of paranoia around this. Probably unfounded, but we are talking online data so…

  • will the police have access to such records (or obtain them sneakily)? Handy list of people to target for roadside “spot checks”!

  • will the US government somehow obtain such records? If that happens, it’s quite the handy bit of evidence to use for banning people from entering the country.

Also, is the SQDC participating in the SAQ’s Inspire program? If I weren’t too paranoid about data security to refuse to sign up in the first place (the monopoly’s loyalty program has been compromised at least once), I would definitely not swipe that card at an SQDC store.


Should I be investing in Tim Horton’s stock right now? :thinking:



Only if you think small-town old people are a growth market. For everyone else, Tim Horrendous has been exposed as the godawful shit that it is.