Weed legal in Canada

The restrictions on where you CAN smoke are pretty insane… basically nowhere, unless you OWN property. Renters are out of luck if the landlord says no. No smoking in parks, on the sidewalk… there ARE a limited amount of camping sites in National parks where you are OK.

Otherwise, expect a lot of fines to be handed out . Legal, but oh so restrictive.


My impression was that it would be okay at most parks (although obviously may vary by municipality)


Help get me out of here! It’s chaos! Everyone is stoned. My toddler is drinking THC-infused milk. The fire fighters are sharing a giant doobie while my house burns down because the neighbours crashed their car through my wall because they are too stoned to drive.

Who am I kidding? It’s exactly the same. The previously illegal pot stores are still open and they are still illegal. Pot is just as easy to get as before and the same price. And I still haven’t smoked the stuff in 10 years.


In Ontario, unlike all the other provinces, cannabis can only be bought online from the provincial government store until next year. As I posted in the other thread,

Given the degree of collusion between US and Canadian far-right politicians like Doug Ford, I’d say pay cash for your weed at your reliable old supplier.


By being blunt?


Oh, spliff it, dude! No offense, but that’s bongkers.


the local pet store had celebratory biscuits for legalization day


I wonder if one found a dead mouse in your stash if you could get free pot for life?



BC has one legal brick & mortar store (doing online salses, as well) in Kamloops. And the prices are…

How do we have the highest priced in Canada? I mean, I understand, for things like gas, and housing… But how do they possibly think anyone will pay those prices once the novelty wears off?


If I were to visit my local SQDC store, I’d certainly pay cash…

What’re the laws there for growing your own? Not for sale, just personal use. I know in Vegas you can grow several plants for personal use if there are no dispensaries a certain distance from your residence.

Granted i don’t believe most people would go through the trouble of growing (though i might be inclined to give it a whirl). Also from what i understand it’s entirely possible to get CBD (and some THC) from the leaves and stems with a juicer, so you don’t really need to get buds.

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Not really interested in weed, but decriminalization has been great for Oregon. Simply not putting thousands of people into the prison-industrial machine for possession of a plant is a great step forward.


I’m betting a lot of people will be growing their own, and Washington’s legal cannabis industry will have a solution to its oversupply problem.


Four plants for regular folk. I believe it’s six if you have a medical card.


The four plants are allowed by the federal legislation, but provinces are able to restrict that part. Quebec prohibits it, don’t know if there are any others.

Laws? This is BC. Half of people here probably have their own, already. The other half will come to know them, pretty quick.

Stores are going to be where you go for specific strains, or when edibles get approved, and you can’t be bothered to make your own. That’s why I can’t believe they have the gall to charge the prices that they are.

Even if legal supplies, infrastructure and employment costs are more when doing it legally, you take the loss until the supply chain is more fully onboard.

We do not have an undersupply problem in this province. We invented the indoor, industrial grow-op. For most of the province, legality is merely a technical detail. The biggest thing this does (which is great) is simply remove one more trick from the bag of them used to punish minorities disproportionately.


It’s still good to know what the law is though, regardless of what others might be inclined to do or not do. You never know what might come up.

I am quite hopeful this big change in Canada, along with other US States having recreational pot will speed things along for making it legal elsewhere.

Now they can fiddle with their national anthem.

Oh, Can I?

In other words, the same restrictions for smoking tobacco. So?


In Southwestern Ontario, during the spring maple run (March or so), many churches and community organizations have weekend pancake breakfasts. My mom takes anyone that will go once, and only once, to her favorite.

Typical fare: small pancakes, breakfast sausage links, baked beans, and at the good ones bacon, either streaky or peameal. Hot coffee, milk, cheap juice, hot chocolate, tea. Unlimited, but you’ll start to get the stink eye on the third trip.

Long picnic bench seating. Sit where you can, even if some old lady gets in your personal space. Tables are sticky as hell due to all the dripped syrup. From where, you ask? From the bottomless liter-sized syrup dispensers on the tables, never less than 1 every 5’. Feel free to fill your plate of the above mentioned items, and then drizzle 1/2 cup of Ontario’s finest tree juice.

I haven’t been in at least five years. Probably C$20 each now. But worth every penny. Luckily I live 4 hours away, so it’s self-limiting.