Legendary jazz pianist Ahmad Jamal announces first solo album, at age 89

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I just wanted to jump in here and say that Ahmad Jamal’s first album, “Chamber Music of the New Jazz,” has the entirely specious Uncascrooge Seal of Approval. A timeless “late night” Jazz record with broad appeal. You have to love a genre of music that doesn’t care how old you are – Ahmad still has it.


Twofer for me. I love solo piano recordings and I love the work of people who have developed their art and craft over many, many decades.

Just added it to my spotify lineup! Thanks for the heads up! I absolutely love piano jazz. Herbie Hancock is probably my favorite ever, but im always on the lookout for artists im not familiar with.

Any other jazz fans want to pipe in with a recommendation?

I had the privilege of hearing Jamal live back around 1990. Definitely looking forward to this. McCoy Tyner played a tiny auditorium on an out of tune piano but I walked out with an enormous crush on his bassist.
I was working three jobs when I took a night off for an Ellis Marsalis concert and was early enough to score front row seats. Unfortunately, his playing was so great and so relaxing that I kept falling asleep. Embarrassing…

The late Tommy Flanagan is another favorite but I never had the opportunity to hear him play.

I saw him in a tiny upstairs bar in Lexington, KY, in 1973 or 74. Hard to remember now. We all sat on the floor and were stunned.

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