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Star Wars + Lego = fun!


You know, I was just eyeballing the pic and an epiphany struck me: how do we know that the empire is evil? they aren’t lining up minorities against walls to be shot, and their taxes/criminal codes are reasonable, considering what they’re contending with.

It seems to me that in the movies, the empire spends an awful lot of time getting victimized by “rebel” insurgents and criminal types setting up mini-kingdoms where the empire isn’t watching, and a few murderous apples doesn’t mean the whole thing is rotten.


Like obliterating an entire planet because their prisoner is from it?



Or throttling someone to death for missing a deadline; or holding entire gas mining colonies to ransom; or executing a school full of Jedi kids in their bid to eliminate a peaceful religion; or…


Sure, aside from murdering thousands of jedi (including dozens of children) after lying about a coup, building and using planet-destroying weapons, torturing prisoners (sometimes just to draw out other rebels, not because they wanted information), forcefully subjugating “inferior” races (wookies, ewoks, etc.), and dissolving democratically-elected institutions, the Empire was a beacon of decency and goodness. After all, no brutally evil government organization has ever used the expression “fear will keep the local systems in line” to describe their governing philosophy.



Peaceat the edge of a light saber blade. :wink:


A Jedi uses the force for knowledge and defense, never for attack. (but the sabers? oh yah we totally gonna use those offensively)


Are we saying that peace-loving people are not permitted to take up arms to protect others from tyranny? I’m scrubbing through all the films to think of a time when the Jedi didn’t try negotiation before pulling out a weapon…


Oh they’re all kinds of ‘honorable’ when it can work that way… but when they need a ride, there are really no such standards. They’ll associate with anyone who can get their job done. Killers, smugglers, WOOKIES?!?!



You know what they say:

Spare the Death Star Planet Destroying Beam…
… spoil the Planetary System.


Even that has a precedent in “peaceful but not pacifistic” philosophy, of using minimal force to prevent greater violence. If you take that to be the Jedi mindset, then it’s easy to see the light sabre as a voluntary restraint of destructive power. No range, and also no cutting edge when turned off. Actually pretty useful on board spacecraft where you don’t need range in a corridor, shooting into a crowd is a bad idea and puncturing the hull is a concern.

As amusing as “the Empire isn’t really evil” arguments can go, it’s thin gruel. The idea should be that the movies only show a tiny bit of the conflict, though pivotal moments. We get hints of the intimidation and rule by fear, but going into detail is boring and thus left out of the original trilogy. Rogue One does a pretty good job of showing how pervasive the atmosphere of intimidation was, but also in making the heroes look flawed through their usage of violence.

And we are having this discussion mainly because a guy did a bang-up job (ha!) of replicating a pivotal scene from the movie.


Star Wars alternative summary: religious fundamentalists blow up a government facility.

There’s a list of these out there somewhere, fun stuff (can you identify this movie: “Transported to a crazy psychedelic reality, a girl kills the first person she meets and teams up with three outcasts to kill again”?)


Wizard of Oz, right?


“Mistakes have been made.”


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