'Disorder,' the latest Star Wars: The Old Republic trailer is as awesome as we've come to expect

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This is the way?


Kidnapping and brainwashing children is the way!

and then they hunt down their father and kill him to attain their greatest power.


Name My Wookiee is my cantina tribute band.


Not the way. “Pay to win” is the way on SW:TOR.

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Batman is gonna kick Bane’s ass. But first he has to figure out how to change to the Marvel Universe like Bane did.

The new Boba Fett show sure seemed to be doubling down on the “Luke was actually a villain all along” theme.

  • Shows Luke indoctrinate a preverbal child into his freaky cult and tells child to abandon all former family connections, even forcing the child to choose between a thoughtful gift from his foster dad and irrevocable banishment from the order.
  • When the kid chooses banishment Luke sends him off alone without so much as a note or even an NTSB-approved car seat.
  • Reveals that rancors are sensitive creatures that only resort to violence when provoked, and even a novice Jedi can peacefully put one to sleep with his Force powers. So why did Luke brutally murder one?
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I felt all of Clone Wars and much of Rebels was a “Who is the actual bad guy here?” thing. My daughter who started Star Wars via TCW of course sees ObiWan and Anakin as the two ultimate good guys – so when Anakin decides to go with the Emperor, maybe he is doing the right thing and the Jedi were wrong – esp. after the thing with Ahsoka and the order falling out.

The Jedi were well-intentioned evil doers. Even the Empire is just about maintaining order via what appears to be speciesism and fascism but that could be better than having random monks walk into your bar and kill people.

For me The Phantom Menace established that the Jedi were totally useless and incompetent and Attack of the Clones established they were outright evil. Once you condone a giant slave army (comprised of ten-year-olds!!) you don’t get to keep pretending you’re the good guys.

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Yeah, and that was fairly well established when It was revealed in The Last Jedi that Luke tried to murder one of his students (and his nephew no less!) in his sleep because he had a bad feeling about him. Grogu definitely made the right call.


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When will they realize the animation studio behind this makes the best star wars content?

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