Here's the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie trailer


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"I heard a disturbance in the force, as though millions of voices cried out . . .


. . . and then were distracted by a rumor about a taling BB8 toy."


“Yes, it’s true. Midichlorians were a hoax created by the corrupt marketing wing of the Jedi Order in order to sell vitamin supplements.”


Seriously. I’ve been doing a great job at avoiding promo material in an effort to keep myself jaded and armored against the possibility of disappointment, but this trailer reduced me, quite literally to tears. It looks like it’s too late for my cynicism to protect by thrice-broken heart.


Soooooo Goooooood!


The sandpeople are an interesting bunch.

Did you know their SFX is a donkey braying minus the “hee” part?


… And a quick recap for anyone wondering what this “Star Wars” is that all the kids are talking about these days:


That’s actually a really decent recap, and a lot more accessible than this:


The trailer looks great, but who knows how the movie will turn out. It could turn out to be Episode VII: The Greed Awakens. We’ll see.


… order of the Jedi Order in order to order vitamin supplements. (fify)


“Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”


Also too!


Will I need to go back and watch Episodes 2 and 3 for this to make sense? After seeing Episode 1, I never got around to “Revenge of the Jar-Jars” or whatever the two followons were, and I’m still annoyed that Lucas hasn’t released “The Original Han-Shot-First Star Wars” that I saw in theaters before it was replaced with “Episode 4: A New Hope: The Director’s Cut: Revised!”

(Yeah, I know there’s a laser disk edition out there, but I don’t have that; I’m not sure I’ve even got a working VHS player any more : -)


There’s a community project now called Harmy’s Despecialized Edition, that’s restored the Star Wars to the original theatrical cut using HD sources, and in the process have done color corrections etc. They’re really great packages. You can look them up on your favorite torrent site, they’re always well-seeded, since everyone loves 'em. The latest despecialized editions even come with extra commentary audio tracks, lots of subtitles, and neato boxart.


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