LEGO Star Wars Snowspeeder with Dak, Luke and Lando

Why Lando? This isn’t a Bespin vehicle. Why not Cliff Clavin?


Good question. He didn’t even join the rebellion until after the Echo Base on Hoth had been abandoned.

It is the anniversary of Lego Star Wars (20 years?) and each of the new sets have a retro figure to commemorate the original minifigs. So they have nothing really to do with what they are packed in. IIRC Leia is in the Slave I that I still need to get.

“Hey, uh, you know, technically they are just air speeders adapted to the cold. Now what you really want is a Tauntaun, which are built for the natural environment. A little known fact, but scientist have no idea what Tauntauns eat because Hoth is a cold wasteland devoid of life, except for Tauntauns and the Wampas who prey on them. Some people might say this is from lazy world building, but I prefer to think the Creator works in mysterious ways.”


I think they’re supposed to eat lichens, much like reindeer.

Anyway I wouldn’t put too much faith in whatever sensors the rebels use to track life readings considering that Luke’s scans didn’t detect a giant wampa that was maybe 20 feet away when he phoned in his report.

Yeah, but I didn’t see that much lichens out there. Don’t reindeer live more on the Tundra?

Tin foil fur?

Also, have I every hypothesized here on what KIND of slave Anakin’s mom was?

The imperial probe droid wasn’t doing much better. It was flanked by two undetected humanoid shapes, then immediately started blasting at the first sign of life.

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Im more interested in how things work, why was it designed that way, rather than just being fussy about tactics or physics. Like the tow hook… that bothered me for years until someone could finally explain what the original purpose of that was.

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But Lando was never on Hoth.
That’s like putting Yoda on Bespin.

I loved the Snowspeeder from when I first saw it. Practical or not, the design really resonated with me for some reason.

I also bought an earlier version of the LEGO Snowspeeder when I fist saw it, but it became absorbed into my oldest child’s LEGO bin, and is now all but lost. I may have to mark this for eventual purchase.

ETA I would swear my previous Snowspeeder had a magnet, and not a grappling hook. But I may be completely wrong.

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