Making a real Star Wars Speeder Bike


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Ah, but does it explode on impact?


Not only does it not fly, based in the video it also doesn’t move under it’s own power.


Why do I find this unsurprising?
Odd, though, because it’s remarkably easy to get some kind of motive power to a bike wheel. But that thing just has so much pointless crap around the wheels, there’s probably nowhere to get something in.


Most impressive. My friend collect scout troopers.

But it does.



i get the fandom thing, but really is this the only stuff that gets people excited enough to make stuff any more? Or do they know there’s a Pavlovian response from fans? In the1950s and 1960s reality was being influenced by sci fi on almost every level after 1970s not so much. Now its just the same thing over and over.
This is obliviously just a show bike as that look dangerous as F**k.
this guy is at lest making the real thing, if he was inspired by the star wars machine great, but hes making a real thing not a wheeled motorcycle with prop crap glued on.–q7Y



So not a real Star Wars Speeder Bike, then.


Hey, stay on topic. This is about this guy’s speeder bike; I don’t want any segueways.



That video is terribly anti-climatic.


thank you. came here hoping someone posted a video link with a comment akin to “what could go wrong?”


Pfffft, manbabies…

Real men ride the misogynicycle


Needs moar blasters.


But does it have a coffee spigot?


Vintage Works built this fantastic motorcycle that is exactly like a Star Wars Speeder Bike. Only it doesn’t fly.

I think we have different definitions of exactly, David.


Q: Is it exactly like the Star Wars Speeder Bike?
A: In principle yes. Only it doesn’t fly. And has tires. And is much slower. And is not armed. But in principle yes!


Did the real Star Wars speeder bike fly?

You could argue this is better than the real thing.


Got to be honest, I’m getting pretty tired of the constant cultural harping on about Star Wars.