Millennium Falcon quadcopter

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I look forward to a version of this ship.

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Long ship is long.

Must be… interesting… to turn it at any reasonable speed without breaking it in half.

Reminds me of the classical Hide-and-Seek short story, here:

The Tie Fighter doesn’t fly? Instead it has “wall climber technology” so you can drive it along floors and ceilings? Boooooo. There goes my X-Wing vs Tie Fighter fantasies. Also, the reviews on the X-Wing don’t really inspire confidence either.

Targeting computer works for shit, had better results switching to manual. Astromech droid broke during first use. Scopes went dead immediately during recent landing in cloudy weather. Luckily crash didn’t cause any permanent damage and was able to use again after cleaning snakes from intake manifold. Two stars.


Weapons won’t fire unless you take the time to lock the S-foils into “attack” position. Bad news if you’re taken by surprise and forget to go down your checklist while evading the enemy.

Looks cool, but high maintenance


Wait–so there are two different flying Falcon models? The lower picture isn’t a quadcopter it just has one large rotor.

Yeah, the other one is still made by Air Hogs, but isn’t a quadcopter and is about $100 cheaper and comparing it to similar copters Air Hogs offers, is far less controllable.

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Like the real Falcon?


But can it do the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs?

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With an optional wormhole generator, yes. But it is billed extra, there’s a delivery time, customs paperwork, and it strains the reactor.

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She may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts, kid.


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