Star Wars 7: spy shots of Millennium Falcon and X-wing


Curse you, nerdbrain! I can’t help myself! I’M EXCITED!!! :’(


The Millennium Falcon always looked like it was pieced together out of junkyard scraps–which I realize was the intention. And surprisingly seeing it under construction, knowing that it’s being rebuilt by professionals working from a specific design, doesn’t take away any of that.

It takes me back to when I was a kid and one of my Star Wars trading cards had a picture of Lucas in the cantina giving directions to some “aliens”. It didn’t dispel the illusion. I just thought, He gets to hang out with aliens. That’s so cool!


That’s no X-wing. Or at least it would feel wrong calling it that. Similar design, but not the same model.


These pictures also remind me of a discussion I had with a kid in school about how C-3PO and R2-D2 weren’t real robots, but had people inside them. Even now I feel kind of bad for telling him that, but on the bright side it ended with him saying, “Okay, but the spaceships were real! They didn’t have people inside 'em!”

O_0 I promised myself i wouldn’t get excited…

This could be good news or bad news depending on how the movie turns out. One of the few redeeming qualities of the prequel trilogy is that they didn’t shoehorn in a “Kid Solo” or a fresh-off-the-assembly-line Millennium Falcon.


Pretty exciting! In the original trilogy, the Falcon exterior set was built at a smaller-than-“real” scale, as is obvious near the beginning of Empire when Chewie is in the (tiny) cockpit while Han is welding on the hull.

The Falcon has a bunch of spatial problems as a result of being a last-minute redesign. The interior sets wouldn’t fit in the exterior and the ramp in particular would need to be articulated in some sci-fi way to operate how it does in the movies.

I’m curious if Abrams is building a full-size exterior and if he’s addressed those spatial issues. With the pace of leaks, I guess we’ll find out soon.

I don’t think it’s an X-wing, looks like a Z-95 Headhunter.

So sorry :-/

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As an X-wing series nerd (the flight sim games, to be specific), I’m pretty sure it isn’t. Z-95s have sort of a bulge behind the cockpit, and only two lasers. This appears to have no bulge and four lasers, yet also seems to be a bit differently-shaped than a- why do I still care about Star Wars???

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It actually looks like the old Ralph McQuarrie concept X-Wing.

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My inner 13 year old has a major rager right now.

Am I the only one surprised they’re building (exterior) models and not doing the whole thing with CG?

It isn’t a Headhunter. They only have one laser canon per wing.

It looks like a hybrid of the two… hopefully it’s a new model of something, and not a re-imagined X-wing.

DO NOT FUCK WITH any of the established designs.

There were MILLIONS (Billions?) of that type of transport made.

Though they did have a young Solo pop up in a Lego short with Yoda. I thought that was really stupid.

I always thought there would be a funny exchange between him and Chewie while he caught upon things after Jedi:

Han: So Luke went to Dagobah and trained with an old Jedi Master?

Chewbacca: RahRahRawr

Han: Yeah, Yoda.

  • short silence -

Chewbacca: RawrRahRah

Han: You know Yoda?

Chewbacca: RarWarrrRahRarRah

Han: -mocking tone- You fought with him in the Clone Wars. Ok, Chewie. Look pal, you don’t need to make shit up to make friends.

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(2. RMcQ concept, 3. Standard X-Wing, 4. Z-95). The concept version looks closest, but the vents, overlapping wings and stubby nose seem new.

just spotted an X-fighter in Canada

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