Scratch-built, incredibly detailed Millennium Falcon


That is a pretty awesome model.

However I had a chance to see the real screen used model that was part of the traveling Star War exhibit. OMG - such detail. Many small parts. Unfathomable complexity. I think it would be impossible to perfectly replicate.

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I learnt something the other day - the Millennium Falcon was originally meant to look like the ship that Leia is captured in at the start of Star Wars.

They switched because this looked a bit too much like the Eagle from Space 1999

Tweaked the cockpit, turned it into the Tantive IV.

Which meant it was a far more detailed model than they’d intended for that shot. Apparently there was a miniature Playboy poster hanging in the cockpit of the model…

That’s what happens when you have someone who loves their job.

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Reminds me of this Mad Magazine cartoon where a guy spends 8 panels building a detailed ship model. and the last frame he’s losing his mind as they are using it in a movie scene, blowing up the models.

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“What a piece of junk!”

re: that centerfold


(warning: 2nd website uses irritating drop-down menus)

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