Lemonade is a different kind of homeowners and renter’s insurance. And they can prove it

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2020/10/12/lemonade-is-a-different-kind-of-homeowners-and-renters-insurance-and-they-can-prove-it.html

I think they changed their pitch - wasn’t their unique selling point “Lemonade uses AI” when it was flogged on BB for the first time?
And now it’s this flat rate nonsense?


I wonder how their customer service is. Over 25 years we’ve had half a dozen claims with State Farm, all resolved promptly. Particularly impressive was the time a fire hydrant attacked our rental car in Hawaii. SF even called our Visa card provider to do the coordination that resulted in both companies paying portions, leaving us owing $0 (and man, do I hate doing those sorts of phone calls).

I now have a mental image of packs of rogue fire hydrants roaming the streets of downtown Honolulu after dark, preying on unsuspecting family saloons.

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