Lemonade is breaking the mold for home and renters insurance

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You know what they say, when life gives you lemons, you utilize a well-built technology platform and intuitive AI to make signup a breeze!


Tried it. You can’t get anywhere near those numbers, regardless of your zip code. The lowest I was able to make the renter’s insurance come out was $55, higher for my actual neighborhood.


Oh boy, this one looks like it will not cause any trouble at all.



From what I’ve heard, they only pay depreciated costs on destroyed/stolen items. Most normal renters is replacement cost. This might not make much of a difference when it comes to things like electronics or consumer devices, but if you have particular items of specific importance (bicycles, musical instruments, tools, etc.) this can leave you in the lurch pretty severely.


It’s $0 in my neighborhood. They don’t serve the state I live in yet.

How much liability coverage does that include?

No mortgage; no insurance available.
If they would have said that when the ‘no mortgage’ button was clicked; that would have been cool.

Otherwise; when that information is at the end; what it tells me is that I can expect a bit of homeowners spam in the future. I.E; A.I; they will sell my info.

And the depreciated value as the payable amount; yeah… not really what my mature self is looking for. The dollar you save; might cost you a fiver. :confused:

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If you have items with specific importance or value, then you need to get insurance that covers that. Not some generic cheap insurance. You need “Agreed Value” insurance.
You may pay a little more for it. Otherwise pretty much all insurance companies use the “market value” or “Cash Value” at the time of the loss.
I insured a 60 year old car through Hagerty for an Agreed Value of $22K. Cost me $150/year and included liability insurance. I suppose I could have insured it through State Farm as there is documentation that the vehicle and others like it have sold for that amount recently but the amount could fluctuate depending on the market.

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