Lenovo announces tiny Stick computer

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The Compute Stick got some bad reviews, I thought, which was a shame, because it sounded interesting.

Any reason to think this will be better?

What if I don’t want my computer to grunt? This sounds like it needs to try too hard. It could embarrass me in the gym.

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Sweet! I’ve been looking for a modular malware add-on device for my TV.


Seems like the kind of thing that would do well in my (somewhat poorly ventilated) Mame cocktail/coffee table cabinet. Wifi and an actual windows license are kind of a bonus.


The connector should be a flexible cable, or anything you could bend. Most TVs won’t have the clearance on the back, I guess.

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Since MicroSquish eliminated Media Center, does that mean they have a homebrew system?

iView Cyber PC has the same innards and can be had for less than $120 if you shop around. Beelink is even cheaper and comes without an OS so that you can roll your own if you are more Linux-centric…

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I like the idea of a cheaper stick computer, but Lenovo is one of the number one pushers of malware, and I have sworn never to purchase their products again.

From the incredibly evil Superfish malware, which left thousands of computers wide-open for attacks by anyone, to the abuses it includes with every automatic update to its software (changing default search pages, etc.), this is simply not a company anyone should trust. They are evil, evil, evil, and absolutely do not hold their customers (hardware buyers, that is, not ad-buyers) in high regard.

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Most TV HDMI ports run parallel to the wall, not perpendicular to it.

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Can I play quake on it?

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