Lenovo sued over preinstalled spyware


I was involved once in a class-action suit. You’re about right on the time and the payout. They’ll send you about 500 updates in the meantime, and there’s a good chance the case will be dismissed in 2019. But don’t worry, I don’t think the lawyers will go home empty-handed.


A $5 voucher towards the purchase of any 2019 model Lenovo, no less. Don’t want to cannibalize the market for the newest devices!

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If they offered a $25 “op-out” they could avoid these things. For $25 they don’t install anything that other companies have paid to have installed on what will soon become computer (ok, maybe $25 is optimistic, but I’d pay $20 to have McAfee not installed). It’s kind of an extortion racket, but if you don’t plan on wiping the disk it’s probably the better of the evils.


There is never any excuse to use a computer off the shelf with who-knows-what installed onto it. Between the manufacturer, retailer, NSA, and other random factors - there is just no way to be sure. Start from a blank drive every time.

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Hand-build all your computers from dust to be sure.


That does sound incredibly like extortion, i don’t know the legal side but morally for sure.

Not the kind of thing anyone should be suggesting IMHO, even as a joke :confused:

The Microsoft Store, at least here in Canada, sells “Signature Edition” laptops. No bloatware, no nonsense, and almost always significantly cheaper than the exact same, bloatware-riddled, model from the manufacturer. I got my Dell XPS 13 Signature Edition for something like $300 cheaper than what Dell was selling the exact same model for.

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