Lenovo's expensive answer to the new MacBook


More expensive than a MacBook? That’s impressive.


It’s easy to miss the overall price trend, which is that usable 2 lbs laptops used to sell for $3000.


I do not understand Lenovo’s SKU-shotgun approach; and I really don’t understand(and/or am ideologically offended by) their strategy with the ‘Thinkpad’ brand.

Back in the day, when Big Blue ran the show, it was basically T, X, and W series. T was the middle of the road(sometimes there was R, which was virtually identical to T; but more plastic), X was small and light, W was heavy but packed the punch.

Now they have T, X, E, L, W, 11e, Helix, Yoga, and LaVie(which doesn’t even have a trackpoint! Do. Not. Blaspheme.)

Even better, the various lines stumble confusedly over one another(most notably, the X1 was the previous thin-and-light frontman; but now there is a new one that isn’t even an X model?)

Once you include the non-thinkpad branded units, the situation basically becomes impossible to comprehend. Are there really that many different niches that they can best serve them by throwing a zillion variants at the wall?

I may have to start hoarding FRUs for my T42, so that I can extend its lifespan until this nonsense blows over or we all get brain-stem computers.


Look at those Windows tiles! Those should sell the machine all by themselves!


But but, the brand! The Brand. Nobody looks at the speeds and feeds except geeks

“. Just make something for each subneed and put a different letter on” It is the thinking.

Remember what Dell used to do (still does?) where you would order the custom things you want and the PC would be built to order (or at least appeared to be?)

That might be what they are trying to do.

Whenever I see those Windows tiles on a hand held advice my first thought is,
“Wow! What a cool easy to use technology, I should get that!”

Nah, I think, “:Product Placement from Microsoft!”

This isn’t a Thinkpad.

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The trackpads on the Thinkpads are appallingly bad, perhaps to induce you to use the nipple.

Is it really product placement when Lenovo is contractually obligated to put Win8 on every single consumer-grade computer that rolls out of its warehouses on pain of death, until such a time as Microsoft sees fit to forcing them into installing Win10 on all their machines?

I’d just call it an accurate depiction of Microsoft’s illegal monopolistic hegemony on all new brand-name hardware that isn’t Apple.

Seriously, they should at least offer a free factory-installed down-grade to Win7 since there’s double digit percentages of buyers who want Win7 and think that Win8 is an insolent OS that second-guesses their every move and tries to make everything harder on a real PC.

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I just disable mine. Why, when you have a nipple, would you want to use the trackpad? I honestly don’t know how anyone can advocate that trackpads are better than nipples in any scenario except the one where, say, you’re flicking through a web page or something.

For any proper interactive use, keeping your fingers by the home keys is such an overwhelming usability win that it’s the reason I can’t move away from thinkpads.


YES! I miss having one. Hell, I miss Wordstar and the control key next to the letter “A” on the keyboard.
The only good part of no long having that and the mouse in stead is maybe it prevents carpal tunnel. Maybe.

Agreed. Though I have my trackpad enabled only to emulate mousewheel scrolling when you draw circles.
Much quicker for scrolling than the nipple and it doesn’t get triggered by an errant brush of the palm/finger.

Oh that sounds cool. How do I do it? What platform are you on?

win7. Using the UltraNav software from Lenovo (not sure which version)

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