Gorgeous and expensive wooden wireless keyboards, touchpads and mini-speakers


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I’m a sucker for stuff like this, but $500 is twice what I’d pay. On the other hand, at $250 I’d buy it right now.


I noticed the new Apple trackpad is $150 too. There must be some kind of new expensively-licensed tech in these larger, better modern ones.


I have the first gen trackpad and it is impressive beyond belief to the point where when I use a computer without it or compare it to any other trackpad they all feel like garbage.


Bluetooth and USB? It’s the 90s all over again!


The products seem nice enough (although I’m not into wireless* charging myself) but the website may be the most overwrought I’ve ever seen.


*“wireless” charging is a euphemism for “wasteful” charging. Generally speaking it is repugnant to those of us who understand the way pollution scales.

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