Watch this test of a $1,400 wooden keyboard vs. a $40 one

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I see a great difference, $1360.00 of them.


Thanks for the pun warning. Disaster averted.


Not related to the keyboard, but they guy drops two big advertisements for other services in his video, is YouTube OK with that? I’m looking at several live broadcasts this summer and would like to offer the sponsors authentic 15s & 30s commercials… from I’m reading that is a no-no according to the YouTube rules. No?

I don’t really get why he’s comparing these two keyboards. It’s like reviewing a Maserati alongside a Nissan on the grounds that they’re both red.

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Kinda? On one hand it’s a parallel review of both keyboards, A to see if a $1400 novelty keyboard is worth the money and B to see if a $40 wooden keyboard is made to any sort of quality standard. On the other hand it’s also sort of a comparison. The $$$ keyboard turns out to have really mushy keys and is almost unusable for US typists unfamiliar with a Japanese layout. That’s surprising for such an expensive item clearly aimed at the luxury crowd. The cheaper keyboard is more usable but has much lower quality craftsmanship.

Bringing it back to the cars metaphor… It’s like comparing a quirky, handmade, very expensive and impractical car you don’t need - to a quirky, handmade, very inexpensive and impractical car, that you also don’t need. So maybe like a Bentley or an Aston Martin compared to anything British Leyland ever made.


He feels like - a sap? Ha ha ha hee hee hee ho ho ho!

It’s more like comparing a Fiat 128 Coupe with a Yugo, because they use the same engines.

For $1400 I would at least expect mechanical keys.

OK, for $1400 I would expect it to be handed to me by Brenda with all the pomp and pageantry.

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The carpentry is, undeniably, fine and elegant work; but I found myself wincing with organ systems I am not normally aware of when they got to evaluating it it its capacity as a keyboard rather than an art object. That flex is an atrocity; the sort of thing you’d expect from some bottom-scraping Compaq laptop filling shelf space in the prestigious ‘Best Buy loss leader laptop’ space. It appeared to actually be worse than my…aggressively undistinguished. $3.99(retail don’t ask me how they do it) “inland” brand emergency trash keyboard.

For something that costs 3.5 times as much as the lovingly reproduced Model F replicas; that’s not good.


Not worth a wooden nickel.

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