Leo Moracchioli covers 'Funky Town'

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I like it, but, is the wig really necessary… or advisable?


“necessary” and Leo don’t seem to intersect.


His Jump tribute to EVH was spot on too (also with wigs…and the rabbit).


So good, I could listen to Leo all day.
In fact I think I will. His cover of Aha’s Take on Me is one of the best.


The classics really are timeless, and transcend genre. :smile:

Case in point, he has a “Heavy Metal” version of Thunderstruck… necessary? Not in the least.
Fun? Oh absolutely.


Many genre shape-shifting covers have a pretense of meta, we’re all in on this as a bit of a gag! I’m thinking Weird Al (don’t get me wrong, I love his stuff).

First time I’ve heard Leo’s stuff and went down the rabbit hole - reckon this has heart. Reminded me of the recordings ‘Studio One Soul’ where Reggae/Ska musicians covered Western pop classics - transformation of one musical energy into something ‘other’ that pays true homage to the original.

Made my day listening to this!!

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Hated this song; loved this version.

This just got added to “Get out of a funk” Playlist, thanks!

I’ve been watching Leo for a while and generally like his stuff-- some of it I absolutely love-- but sometimes he makes costuming choices that detract from what he’s doing.

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