Leonard Cohen, RIP


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Dead Celebrity
Fuck Today

i was on my way over to post about this. here’s the nyt obit.


This year seems to be very unkind to famous people.

Is this the price we had to pay for the Cubs winning?



My relationship to Leonard is one that human speech narration is inadequate, I simply need time to listen to his prose with open heart to accept his passing.


Totes crazy cray year… a fine crop of deaths… yessir! Some of my favorite artists, too. RIP


Everybody knows the war is over
Everybody knows the good guys lost
Everybody knows the fight was fixed
The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
That’s how it goes
Everybody knows

And his lyrics seem so appropriate (granted, this verse is timeless and universal…).


RIP and thanks for the music.


I have this terrible feeling that 2017 is going to take that as a challenge.


Very sad. He has three songs on my permanent ultimate playlist that runs in the shop.


This is the worst year ever. The worst. I hate this year so much. So fucking much.


goddamn this fracking year so much. i’ve shed so many tears this year for so many reasons. so many inspiring, brilliant people leaving us, and the world has so much sorrow, our own election, and now this.

i think Leonard would appreciate these words from fellow poet, Mary Oliver. thanks, Leonard, for everything:

"To live in this world
You must be able
To do three things:

To love what is mortal;

To hold it against your bones
Knowing your life depends on it;

And, when the time comes,

To let it go."


a blaze of light in every word


One of my favorites and it feels oddly appropriate to me in these dark days.


please people. there are no years and no weekends. there’s you and me and we are all god. it’s past time to reach outside of your comfort zone. now get a good drone feel your body and get some rest. we have changes coming.


On the topic, excellent choice of new avi :+1:


So much cosmic shit going on this year, but it was Leonard’s passing that finally tipped me over the edge and got me to create a BB account.

Fuck you, 2016. Fuck you right in the cheeto-hole.

RIP, Leonard Cohen. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us.



I was literally reading about Leonard’s Montreal and his new album yesterday, and was hoping to check out some of those sites.

50 days more and we’re done with this fucking year.


Wait, I thought he died a few weeks back? Either I need to stop reading psychic obituaries or I’m misremembering something about him doing poorly.
Well, either way - dammit.