Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah played on the mbira

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Hallelujah, really.

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Very reminiscent of a deep voiced version of the old Regina music boxes (the massive ones that stand six feet tall, not the toys).

Utterly entrancing music. I’d buy an album of music on this in a heartbeat.

reminded me of all those baby lullaby albums…

It took over 10 years for Cohen to nail this one. Ninety verses, most of which he threw away… I came upon him with ‘Songs of Love and Hate’. I came upon him because I was a teenager and Cohen was the next Bob Dylan. At this point in time every singer/songwriter was the next Bob Dylan. I gave it a go. “I stepped into an avalanche. It covered up my soul.” What the…By song 3 (the most depressing song ever) (something a teen gets) I ran back to the record store and demanded every thing else that this guy did. It took me a while to like them, there were just two of them. It took me a long time to like them His voice was high and kinda whilney. But. He wrote beautifully I sing ‘Susanne’ to this day. I praise the Lord.


While I definitely admired the musicianship here, I’ll have to see if this is really representative of the Array Mbira sound because this recording drove me nuts. Maybe it was a problem with the room or the way it was recorded but the bass resonance was just too distracting.

OK after checking some other recordings, the instrument isn’t the problem, its definitely the recording. Unfortunately I couldn’t find info on the Array site explaining what sort of electronics are inside. This is new to me so I’m curious. I’d personally want to record this with a stereo mic pair rather than any internal electronics because thumb pianos are all about the environment they are played in.

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